Aqua Chi Detox Foot Bath

Aqua Chi Detox Foot Bath
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Aqua Chi Machine Ionic detox foot bath. - The Aqua Chi Machine uses an ionic bio cleanse to detox your body through your feet. Powerful body detoxification. Available in home and professional models. Free UPS Ground Shipping (USA Only).

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Aqua Chi Ionic Detox Foot Bath - Home and Professional Models

Call Us Toll Free at 1-866-948-4727 for information and experience.
Refurbished aqua chi machines are often available at a discounted price call for details!

Free UPS ground shipping on both aqua chi models - US only.

Aqua-Chi machine re-balances and amplifies your body's bio-electric field enabling the body to heal itself.




The above live blood cell analysis picture on the left is a photo of the blood before the Aqua-Chi detox foot bath. Amazingly, the photo on the right is the same blood 35 minutes later. We were amazed at this live blood cell analysis work. Before the Aqua-Chi detox foot bath, the blood was sticky, dark, and clumped together and you could hardly see the plasma, but after, a significant improvement could be seen. The red blood cells were rounder, energetic, and more full of life. The technician said, "I don't think you could ask for a better test result." She was very impressed; as we all were.

The Aqua Chi foot bath... gives you energy... and that extra energy has the ability to trigger the self-healing processes in your body. Wherever your body needs the healing energy... is where the energy is directed.

AQUA Water is the most abundant substance on earth and is the principal constituent of all living things. Since ancient times, people have bathed in water from mineral springs, especially hot springs, because of its therapeutic value for rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases, and various other ailments. Many such springs have become sites for health spas and resorts. Some of the most famous are: Bath, Avon, England, Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden, Germany, Saratoga Springs, New York, and Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. For the diseased and convalescent, many spas offer medical therapy. For all persons, the spa has been and continues to be, in a variety of ways, a place of healing. So the benefits of naturally charged water have been known for centuries.

CHI Traditional Chinese Medicine embraces the profoundly elegant concept of internal energy, "Chi" (variant spelling, "Ki", or "Qi"), or "Vital Life Force". Chi is also called "breath". It is regarded as a vital force present in the breath of bodily fluids. Chi energy or live force circulates freely through a healthy body, but levels of Chi (energy) can become low in an unhealthy body by way of stress, causing illness and toxin build-up in the body. When the Chi energy begins to flow strongly and unobstructed in the body, the body begins to unwind and strengthens itself, better coping with today's environmental pressures.

Aqua Chi Machine Caution:
The Aqua Chi machine is an experimental device. You should not use the Aqua Chi if you:
  • are taking prescription drugs, especially blood thinners
  • are wearing a pacemaker
  • are pregnant
  • have a transplanted organ
  • You should not feel discomfort while you are in the Aqua Chi bath. If you do feel uncomfortable, discontinue.
  • Children under 4 years old should not use the Aqua Chi machine.
  • Pregnant women and/or people taking medications should consult with a health care professional and/or their medical doctor trained in its use to monitor results and/or prescribe a protocol before using this device.
  • It is not recommended for people with pacemakers or organ transplants as not enough research has been done on these conditions.

The Aqua-Chi Hydro Stimulation spa does not pull , push or force foreign toxins or materials from the body.

The Aqua Chi Machine comes with a money back guarantee: You may return your machine within 30 days of purchase for a refund, less a $75 restocking fee No refund of shipping charges, and you pay return shipping. (if purchased during free shipping promotion, the cost of shipping will still be deducted from the refund, in addition to the $75.00)

The Aqua Chi machine must be returned in like new condition, excepting normal wear on one set of replaceable rings, or no refund, or reduced refund will be issued. This means the water module, cord and power supply must all be clean and in like new condition. All original paperwork, including the warranty registration, must be returned with the machine.

Aqua Chi Home Model  FREE UPS Shipping (within continental US) Perfect for the single person or one-family user
  • Aqua-Chi power unit
  • 1 Module
  • 1 Connecting cable
  • 2 Spare ring sets
  • Aluminum travel case
  • Booklet & Instructions
  • 3 year warranty
Aqua Chi Professional Model FREE UPS Shipping (within continental US)
  • Aqua-Chi power unit
  • Footbath/Carry Caddy
  • 2 Modules
  • 2 Connecting cables
  • 20 Spare ring sets
  • Aluminum travel case
  • Booklet & Instructions
  • 3 year warranty
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