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Collection of books written about Wheatgrass, Sprouting, and Barley Grass and all the nutritional benefits of wheatgrass. We have also put in a few of our other favorite nurtritional books and reference charts on Diet and the Living Food Diet.

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Book - The Green Foods Bible by David SandovalThe Green Foods Bible by David Sandoval is a thorough guide to barley grass, wheatgrass, kamut, chlorella, spirulina, and more.  Includes explanations of the benefits of a green foods diet, and the results of over 20 years of living foods research.  Soft cover, 185 pages.
Book: Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Microgreens and The Living Food DietThe complete book and guide to using grass juices, sprouts & microgreens to revitalize your health. Everything you need to know to grow and juice wheatgrass and grow healthy sprouts and microgreens. The book is 132 pages.
Fermentation Workshop DVD by Sandor KatzFermentation Workshop DVD with Sandor Katz is an instructional video dealing with the history, benefits, and processes of the fermentation process.  Includes visual demonstrations and easy recipes.  110 min.
Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer BookInternational best selling book by seven time Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Johanna Budwig. Find out why fats govern all aspects of the human body and what flax oil will do with saturated and unsaturated fats. 64 pages of Dr. Budwig's anti-cancer flaxseed oil diet.
How to Grow Sprouts and Wheatgrass DVDIf you are not a big reader, but like to watch movies then here is a DVD on sprouting and wheatgrass. It shows all the latest and greatest methods for growing your own wheatgrass and sprouts at home. You will learn easy and fun growing techniques.
Making Sauerkraut Book by Klaus Kaufmann & Annelies SchöneckMaking sauerkraut and pickling vegetables recipe book by Klaus Kaufmann & Annelies Schöneck.  This full color guide provides a great overview of the history and processes of making home made sauerkraut.  Soft cover, 60 pages.
Making the Best of Basics - Preparedness BookBy James Talmage Stevens The comprehensive food storage & emergency preparedness book. Compliments any food storage or disaster preparation program. 28 chapters of the best information for disaster preparation and surviving the zombie apocalypse.
Microgreens - A Guide Book To Growing Micro Greens192 pages of illustrated step by step instructions on growing many varieties of nutrient dense and delicious microgreens. Detailed discussion and instruction of microgreen varieties including arugula, purple cabbage, basil, chard, broccoli, radish, cilantro and many more.
Mucusless-Diet Healing System Book198 page book by Professor Arnold Ehret. Offers his scientific method of eating uour way to health. This book will help you take things out of your diet that add mucus to your system and cleanse, repair and rebuild your body's health.  
Permacharts: Bundle of 8 Raw Food Reference ChartsSet of 8 informational reference charts on various aspects of raw food, juicing and detoxification - 8 Reference Cards Selection- Permacharts by Mindsource. Each is 4 sided, and laminated.  Makes for a handy reference for any healthy kitchen.
Permacharts: Raw Food Reference - Dips, Dressings & SaucesRaw Foods Permachart by Mindsource: Dips, Dressings & Sauces Refernece Card. Loaded with ideas, unique recipes and tips for saucing up your vegan kitchen. 4 page laminated reference guide. A great addition to any healthy kitchen.
Permacharts: Raw Food Reference - Natural Home RemediesRaw Foods Permachart by Mindsource: Natural Home Remedies Refernece Card. Learn countless vegan & raw foods home remedies to treat all sorts of ailments. 4 page laminated reference guide. A great addition to any healthy kitchen.
Permacharts: Raw Food Reference - Optimal DigestionRaw Foods Permachart by Mindsource: Optimum Digestion Refernece Card. Improve your digestion using tips, foods, herbs and supplements. Info packed 4 page laminated reference guide. A great addition to any healthy kitchen.
Permacharts: Raw Food Reference Card / Chart - JuicingRaw Food Reference PermaChart: A juicing guide to understanding why consuming fresh, raw juice is beneficial for everyone! Included in this chart are juicing & consumption guidelines, juicer comparisons, and FAQ.  4 sided, laminated reference card. 
Permacharts: Raw Food Reference Card / Chart - DehydrationRaw Foods Permachart - Dehydration: This step-by-step instruction guide, with information pulled from books on food dehydration will help you to prepare delicious crackers, chips, fruit leathers and dried foods. 4 page laminated reference.  
Permacharts: Raw Food Reference Card / Chart - DetoxificationRaw Foods Permachart by Mindsource: Detoxification Reference. Essential guide for anyone who needs to know how the human body rids itself of toxins. 4 page laminated reference guide. A great addition to any healthy kitchen.
Permacharts: Raw Food Reference Card / Chart - Food CombiningRaw Foods Reference Guide Permachart: This Guide builds upon the comprehensive approaches of the ‘Raw Kitchen’ Guide to provide a wealth of practical information for info on the raw healthy approach to foods. 4 page laminated reference chart.
Permacharts: Raw Food Reference Card / Chart - LifestyleRaw Food Lifestyle Reference Permachart by Mindsource: This Raw Foods Guide provides a series of important techniques and tips for those who seek the health giving alternatives provided by a vegetarian lifestyle. 4 page, laminated reference.  
Permacharts: Raw Food Reference Card / Chart - SuperfoodsRaw Foods Superfoods Permachart by Mindsource. A guide to understanding the potential benefits of Superfoods, a power-packed recipe, and a useful "Buyer Beware" section help to give every consumer the Superfoods edge! 4 page laminated reference.
Permacharts: Raw Food Reference Card / Chart - The Raw KitchenThe Raw Kitchen Permachart is intended as both a primer to build a strong Raw Foods kitchen & teach more in-depth knowledge and understanding of important raw foods selection, preparation and storage techniques. 4 page, laminated reference.
Permacharts: Raw Food Reference Card / Chart - Wheatgrass Juice, Green Drinks and SproutsRaw Foods Reference: Wheatgrass Juice, Green Drinks & Sprouts: Helpful tips on the cultivation of wheat grass and growing sprouts are set out in the Guide. Growing tips & techniques, juicing & recipes. 4 page laminated reference.
Spin Farming 2.0 - Production PlanningSPIN Farming 2.0. Contains advanced sub-acre growing concepts coupled with yield, pricing and revenue benchmarks. 94 pages on advanced techniques for farming on small plots for fun or profit. A revolution in small plot agriculture. Free Shipping
Spin Farming Basics - Guides to Sub-Acre FarmingSPIN Farming Basics - Learn sub acre farming for gardening, hobby or even a small business. Whether you are new to farming or want to farm in a new way, this how-to's will step you through the basics of sub-acre farming. 112 Pages. Free Shipping
Sprout Garden: Grower's Guide by Mark Braunstein - Instructional BookMark Braunstein's Sprout Garden, is an excellent grower's guide to the sprouting process, benefits of sprouting, and how to prepare them for meals.  Includes numerous recipes and meal ideas.  Soft cover book , 143 pages.
Sprouting Chart- Informational Sprout Chart DialA Field Guide to Growing and Eating Sprouts: Just turn the wheel and...dial up complete information on growing and eating sprouts. Learn flavor, nutritional values, growing instructions, days to maturity and more. A complete reference.
Sprouting For Health (Sprout Book)Booklet: A 32 page crash course and reference on everything you need to grow your own healthy sprouts at home with very little space. It offers a wealth of information on different types of sprouts, sprouting techniques and the benefits of sprouting. 
The Amazing Wheat Book by LeArta MoultonThe Amazing Wheat Book compiles numerous techniques and recipes that demonstrate a healthy way of preparing meals as an alternative to frozen or premade meals.  Contains recipes for appetizers, meals, and desserts.  Soft cover, 220 pages.
The Sprouting Book by Ann WigmoreAnother one of Ann Wigmores great classic books. This book contains information on the benefits of sprouting, several methods for easily growing sprouts and  many sprouting recipes and raw food ideas. Trade paperback, 128 pages in length.
The Wheatgrass Book by Ann WigmoreThis book is the classic and original treatise on wheatgrass by Ann Wigmore. She wrote this book many years ago so the information is a little older, but some of the most inspiring messages on wheat grass come from this book.  Soft cover, 126 pages.
Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine BookA very comprehensive book on wheatgrass, and very up-to-date book about the latest finding on wheatgrass and lots of great stories about people who have used wheatgrass. Includes extensive information about growing and juicing methods. 206 pages, soft cover.
Wild Fermentation Book by Sandor Ellix KatzWild Fermentation from Sandor Katz is a richly detailed guide for all things fermented.  Covering vegetable krauts, breads, pickling and more, this book explains how to make them and the medicinal benefits that follow.  Soft cover, 187 pages.

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