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.. For your ongoing growing efforts, we proudly offer this full line of wheatgrass growing supplies.  

soilseedscompostinggrow racksgreenhousesled grow lightsazomite trace mineral fertilizer & more. Look nowhere else for everything you need for growing not just wheatgrass but also barley grass, microgreens and much more.

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5 Small Growing Trays 10"x10" (with Drain Holes)Half the size of our normal growing trays: 10" x 10".  These growing trays work great for pet grass, or for smaller quantities of wheatgrass or barleygrass at a time. Also works well for growing microgreens and all purpose indoor / outdoor growing trays.
5" x 5" Small Growing Trays (with Drain Holes)These 5" x 5" gardening trays with holes are perfect for growing small amounts of wheatgrass or barleygrass.  Made of sturdy 1/2 mm black plastic, these 2" deep trays can be used indoors or outdoors, hydroponically or soil based gardening.
Azomite - Trace Mineral Organic FertilizerAzomite is an organic, all natural trace mineral fertilizer. It infuses your growing soil & compost with over 60 trace elements vital for good health. Many uses, and available in 2 lb, 10 lb and 44 lb bulk.  Free ground shipping on 44 lb bag.
Good Ideas Composter: Compost Wizard Dueling TumblerThe Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler from Good Ideas. The 50 gallon total capacity (25 gallon per compartment) gives plenty of capacity to create your own soil and fertilizer in your back yard.  BPA Free. 1 year warranty. Free Ground Shipping!
Good Ideas Composter: Soil Machine ProThe Soil Machine Pro from Good Ideas. The 7 cubic food capacity gives plenty of capacity to create your own soil and fertilizer in your back yard. Safe for Pets and Children. Perfect for locations with limited yard space. 1 year warranty.   Free Ground Shipping!
Growing Stand - 1 Tray Grow RackThis plant growing rack will fit one tray of wheatgrass, barleygrass or microgreens at a time.  The grow stand has a built in growing light and a water drip tray. Comes with optional caster wheels. Available in chrome or brown color.
Growing Stand - 2 Tray Grow RackThis wheatgrass growing stand will hold two trays of wheatgrass, microgreens, or whatever you are growing. It has two built in wide spectrum grow lights and two drip trays. Available in chrome and brown. Perfect for growing and rotation two trays of wheatgrass at a time.
Growing Stand - 4 Tray Grow Rack - TallThis unit will also hold 4 trays but is 4-tiered high so each tray goes on a row by itself. It also has wheels! It comes with four grow light and four drain trays. Available in brown or chrome. A great way to grow and rotate wheatgrass.
Growing Stand - 4 Tray Grow Rack - WideThis growing stand will hold a total of 4 trays of grass and has four lights. It is 2-tiers high and 2 rows wide. It comes also with built in grow lights, casters and  four water collection trays. Available on in chrome color. Perfect for wheatgrass trays.
Ionique Concentrated Mineral Drops & Liquid FertilizerIonique Mineral & Trace Mineral Complex (liquid colloidal minerals) guarantee superior results because they are the most balanced, concentrated and bio-available colloidal products anywhere. 8 fl oz. bottle.  Use as a health supplement & trace mineral fertlizer.
Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets: Seed StartersJiffy 7 seed starter pellets are the best way to start garden seedlings indoors early. Biodegradable and root permeable. Just add water, sow and transplant the seedlings directly.  Available in small quantities to bulk. Choose 36 mm or 42 mm sizes.
Large Growing Trays (No Holes)Large growing trays with NO drain holes. Perfect as a drip tray for trays with holes, or a growing tray for hydroponic applications. Approx 20"x10". Standard nursery plant growing tray sizing. Re-usable. Choose Quantity.
Large Growing Trays WITH Drain HolesDurable black plastic growing trays. These reusable growing trays do have drain holes, which are usually better for growing in soil. There is less mold and better growth over all. Approx: 20" by 10". Choose your size.
Lifeforce Seaweed Fertilizer Concentrated Powder4 Oz. package of Life Force concentrated seaweed powder by Handy Pantry. Makes 256 gallons of liquid seaweed fertilizer and seed soak. All natural seaweed fertilizer power. OMRI approved for organic applications. 
Micro-Mats Hydroponic Grow PadsMicro-Mats hydroponic growing pads.  Made from biodegradable wood fibers, these highly absorbant pads provide an excellent medium to grow wheatgrass, barley grass or microgreens without soil.  Fits 20" x 10" trays.  Approved for use in Organic Systems.
MicroGlow 12 Watt LED Grow BulbThe MicroGlow is a 12 watt dual band (red / blue) plant growth light bulb. Fits standard light bulb sockets. Greens up to 1 to 2 trays of wheatgrass at a time. Low electricity use and emits no heat. 
MicroGlow 14 Watt LED Grow LightThe MicroGlow 14w is a fourteen watt LED grow light that covers 2.5 to 4.5 square feet. It is a lower brightness LED plant grow light that is ideal for growers looking to green up 1-2 flats of wheatgrass at a time. Low electricity use and emits no heat.
MicroGlow 45 Watt LED Grow LightOur most popular LED Grow Light.  Perfect for greening up 3 or 4 trays of wheatgrass or microgreens at a time. Also a great choice for houseplants, seedlings and more. Very bright light, covering 5 sq. ft. of growing area as primary lighting. Up to 12 sq. ft. supplemental.
Mini-Greenhouse - FarmHouse: 9' x 9' x 8'The FarmHouse design provides a convenient and effective way to protect your tender shrubs and perennials against damaging winter environments. Portable and easy to setup and take down.  9'x9'x8 dimensions make for plenty of growing space.
Mini-Greenhouse - Portable PlantHouse in 4 SizesThe PlantHouse portable mini-greenhouses are compact and lightweight for easy transport, setup, and take down. No assembly is required. Available in 4 sizes to fit any need. Perfect for growing wheatgrass, microgreens, seedlings, flowers & more.
Mini-Greenhouse - SpringHouse: 6' x 6' x 6.5'The SpringHouse™ is perfect for improving climatic conditions in all geographic locations. The springhouse is a portable miniature greenhouse that is easy to setup, move and take down. Dimensions are 6' x 6' x 6.5'.  Includes carrying case.
Soil Mix: Sunshine No. 2 - Natural & OrganicCompletely animal by-product free potting soil mix. Works great for growing wheatgrass, barleygrass, microgreens and for potting soil for houseplants, garden plants and flowers. Available in 8 quart or 40 quart quantities. Certified Organic.
Sprout Fruit & Vegetable Wash SprayUse our sprout, fruit and vegetable wash for a better, crisper crop of sprouts. Helps control mold and growth of unwanted microbials in sprouts and wheatgrass. 16 Oz. Spray bottle. Also helps remove harmful chemicals and pesticides from fruits & vetetables.
Urban Compost Tumbler - Composting BinThe Urban Compost Tumbler is available in two sizes, 7.3 Cubic Feet, and 9.5 Cubic Feet. Perfect to compost flats of wheatgrass or other compostables quickly while taking up minimal space and containing odors. The best composter on the market.  Free Ground Shipping!
Wheatgrass Mold ControlGSE Liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract for wheatgrass mold control. 100% natural liquid extract of grapefruit seeds suspended in vegetable glycerine, without alcohol, solvents, or chemicals. 1 squirt inhibits mold in wheatgrass. 2 or 4 oz. sizes.
Wheatgrass Shot GlassWhat could be cooler than straight wheatgrass shooters from this humorous wheatgrass shot glass? "Caution Liquid Chlorophyll" on the front, and the wheatgrasskits.com URL on the back. While you technically could drink anything from it... wheatgrass is what it was made for!
Worm CastingsWorm castings are the waste of redworms. Worm castings are amazingly rich in nitrogen, phosphates and other minerals. It is a powerful fertilizer and great for growing wheatgrass. Add 20% mix of worm castings to soil for a perfect growth medium. Available in various quantities. 

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