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Every vegetarian, vegan and raw kitchen needs a few essentials: a great blenderfood dehyrdatorflax seed grinder & more. Below find great household items so useful in a Living Foods Kitchen. Help you change your diet over to raw and living foods.. except the popcorn... which we have found is a nice organic snack when you just get hungry for something cooked... it won't throw your diet off too much!

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Artificial Ornamental Wheat GrassArtificial wheatgrass. Durable PVC plastic fake wheatgrass for the lasting look and feel of ornamental wheatgrass without the hassle.  Popular in weddings, hotel decorations, business decorations, home decor and more. Choose size.
Barnwood Planter with Artificial WheatgrassThis rustic barnwood planter box measures 15"x6"x4" deep, and includes fitted artificial wheatgrass that carries up to a top to bottom height of over 5". A beautiful decorative piece that makes a great addition to any decor. 
Basic Vegan Milk Kit - OrganicThe Basic Milk Kit from Handy Pantry comes with everything you need to make the most popular vegan milks & nut milks.  Included instruction sheet provides easy directions, along with tips, tricks, and flavoring ideas.  Certified Organic
Black & Decker Coffee & Flax Seed GrinderThis Black & Decker grinder is an inexpensive way to grind small quantities of flax into flax meal. Also grinds spices, seeds, salts, coffee, grains, seeds & more.  Plugs into regular electrical outlets. Powerful & fast. A great all around grinder.
BlendTec Designer Series BlenderBlendtec's Designer series blender packs a powerful 1560 watt motor and easy clean base, making this excellent for all blender applications.  Choose four sided jar, or the wider 5 sided Wildside jar.  Free Shipping!
Certified Organic Microwave PopcornOrganic microwave poporn for a healthy treat, ready in minutes, certified organic ingredients and popping corn. Tasty pop corn that is both delicious and better for your family. High rate of kernels popped. Certified Organic.
Deluxe Vegan Milk Kit - OrganicThe Deluxe Milk Kit is the ultimate in making your own vegan and nut milks. Includes, almonds, cashews, shredded coconut, hemp hearts, flax, oats, rice, chia and an easy to follow laminated instruction sheet and 2 nut milk bags.  Certified Organic
Excalibur Food Dehydrator Model 2400The 2400 is the economy starter model food dehydrator in the Excalibur line, and is available only in black. It has four 11" x 11" drying trays and is a great fit unless you are looking to dry large quantities of foods. Free Ground Shipping.
Excalibur Food Dehydrator Model 2500The 2500 food dehydrator is on the economy end of the Excalibur line, but it gives you five 15" x 15" drying trays for substantially more drying space than the 2400. Available in black, it is a great addition to any home or food storage. Free Ground Shipping.
Excalibur Food Dehydrator Model 2900The 2900 is the largest of the ecomomy models in the Excalibur line of food dehydrators. It features nine 15" x 15" drying trays for a total of fifteen sq. ft. of drying space. Great for families with a larger need for drying food. Color: Black. Free Ground Shipping.
Excalibur Food Dehydrator Model 3500The smallest heavy duty dehydrator from Excalibur. The 3500 has five 15" x 15" drying trays and is essentially the same as the 2500 but with upgraded components. 10 Yr. Warranty.  Choose White, Black, with or without Timer - Free Ground Shipping.
Excalibur Food Dehydrator Model 3900The 3900 dehydrator is the same as the 2900 but with upgraded componets & 10 Yr. warranty. The 3900 has 9 drying trays of 15" x 15". It is the flagship of the Excalibur fleet. Choose White, Black and with or without timer (3926T) Free Ground Shipping.
Excalibur Food Dehydrator Model D500Same great efficiency of Excalibur's previous models, the D500S, D500SHD & D500CDSHD electric food dehydrators bring stainless steel housing and a modernized look. Choose from either plastic or stainless steel trays. 10 year warranty.  Free Ground Shipping.
Excalibur Food Dehydrator Model D900Excalibur's D900S, D900SHD D900CDSHD electric food dehydrators hold up to 9 trays, making them perfect for those extra large batches. Stainless steel exterior, with your choice of plastic or stainless steel trays.  10 year warranty.  Free Ground Shipping.
Excalibur Premium Paraflexx Non-Stick Drying SheetsThe Paraflexx Premium is our most popular non-stick dehydrator sheets for the Excalibur food dryers. Super flexible non-stick sheets for fruit leathers, rollups, taffies, flax crackers and much more... Easy to clean and reusable for years. 
Excalibur Ultra Silicone Paraflexx Non-Stick Drying SheetsThe paraflexx ultra sheets are a slightly more durable version of our recommended premium version. A little thicker and coated with silicone instead of teflon. For Excalibur model food dehydrators in making fruit leather, jerky, rollups, crackers, and more.
Fermenting Crock Pots5 to 30 Liter capacity fermentation crock pots by Nik Schmitt. German pickling crocks for making lactic acid fermented vegetables and sauerkraut. Specifically designed for vegetable pickling and fermentation. Free Shipping.
Flax Seeds: Brown - OrganicBrown flax seeds, Canadian variety.  Great for grinding into flax meal for a great source of fresh, healthy flaxseed oil which is rich in Omega oils and other nutrients. Available in small amount to bulk in resealable packaging. Certified Organic.
Generic Non-Stick Dehydrator Drying SheetsGeneric brand teflon coated dryer sheets for use with Excalibur food dehydrators. 5 mm thick, durable, flexible and more affordable than brand name options. 14" by 14". Can be cut down to fit trays of smaller dimensions. Re-usable.
Jar Top FermenterJar Top Fermenter by Handy Pantry. Finally, an affordable and reliable way to make your own sauerkraut and lactic acid fermented vegetables affordably and in small batches. Optional canning jars available.
Kidco F810 Deluxe Food MillThe Kidco Baby Food Mill is simple to use anywhere. NO electricity or batteries needed. Blends and purees fresh foods into the perfect consistancy for baby food. Grind up the healthy meal that you are having and the baby can have it too!
Kitchen Grain Mill by BlendTec (K-Tec)The Kitchen Mill™ Electric Grain Grinder is compact, powerful, and built to last. Small countertop foot print. Mills over 1 cup of flour per minute. Pan holds 24 cups of flour. Grinds a wide variety of grains and seeds. A must for any food storage program. Free Ground Shipping!
Lotus Home Cleaning SystemThe lotus LBU100 home sanitizing system by Tersano is a revolutionary, all natural way to clean, disinfect, deodorize, remove stains and pesticides without harsh chemicals. Kills over 99.9% of common germs using natural ozonated water. Environmentally friendly.
Madhava Organic Light Agave NectarAgave Nectar is the perfect sweetener choice for vegans, vegetarians and raw / living food diets. It can be used in place of honey, corn syrup, and maple syrup. It can be substituted for sugar in most recipes. 4 sizes available. Certified Organic.
Marcato Hand Crank Cereal Flaker / Oat Roller / Grain MillHand crank multi-purpose grain mill. Grinds flour (medium coarse to cracked), rolls oats, and makes cereal flakes. Does not do fine flour. A great addition to food storage to convert grains to usable food: rolled oats, sprouted cereal flakes, etc...
Microplane Herb Mill: Herb ChopperEasily and quickly chop or mince fresh herbs and spices using the herb mill / chopper by Microplane. The herb mill chops and cuts without ripping, bruising and blemishing. Clean up is fast and easy and the microplane herb mill is dishwasher safe.
Omega Electric Food & Herb DehydratorOmega's D5050TW & D9090TW electric food dehydrators. Available in both 5 and 9 tray. Dry herbs, fruits, vegetables, meats, more.  Built-in timer with on/off switch.  5 year warranty.  Made in the USA. Free Ground Shipping!
Omni V - 3 Speed Smoothie BlenderOmni's best smoothie blender brings power and reliability, with a 7 year parts and labor warranty.  Includes a powerful 3 HP motor, a wet/dry hybrid blade, plastic tamper, and a 64 Oz. BPA Free pitcher.  Free Ground Shipping
Organic Almond Milk KitThe Almond Milk Kit from Handy Pantry comes with 2.5 lbs of raw almonds, 4 oz of organic chia seed (natural thickener), a reusable nut milk bag, and a laminated instruction sheet. Make your own fresh, vegan almond milk.  Certified Organic
Organic Coconut Milk KitThe Coconut Milk Kit from Handy Pantry comes with 2.5 lbs of organic coconut, 4 ounces of organic chia seed (thickening agent), and a nut milk strainer bag. The instruction sheet provides easy directions, with many tips and helpful hints.  Certified Organic
Organic Hemp Milk KitThe Hemp Milk Kit comes with 2 lbs of organic hemp hearts, 4 oz of organic chia seed (thickener), a nut milk straining bag, and an easy to follow instructions. This milk is great to use for vegan cooking, or even just to drink chilled!  Certified Organic
Organic Hemp Seed - 16 Oz.16 Oz. resealable bag of organic hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds). Perfect for toasting, eating raw, in cereals and much more. Excellent choice for making your own vegan hemp milk. Raw & Certified Organic.
Organic Long Grain Brown Rice - 2.5 Lbs Organic Long Grain Brown Rice. 2.5 Pound Resealable Bag. Cooks up light, seperate and fluffy. Ideal for making your own rice milk. Great for cooking and food storage. All natural, raw & Certified Organic.
Organic Raw Almonds - 2.5 Lbs2.5 pound resealable bag of Italian imported raw almonds. Freshly packed and ideal for making almond milk, almond butter and any recipe that calls for almonds. Not subjected to high temps. Raw & Certified Organic.
Organic Shredded Coconut - 2.5 LbsOrganic, raw, unsweetened shredded coconut. 2.5 Lb. resealable bag. This naturally sweet coconut is the ideal choice for making your own delicious, vegan coconut milk. All natural and Certified Organic.
Organic Whole Cashews - 2.5 Lbs Organic Whole, Raw Cashews. 2.5 Lb. Resealable Bag. Perfect for making cashew milk, cashew butter, or any recipe that calls for cashews. All natural, raw, non-GMO and Certified Organic.
Plastic Eco-Friendly Shopping BasketsThese hand-held plastic shopping baskets are durable and are rated to carry 50 lbs, and are shatter and crack resistance. They hold more than paper or plastic, and make a great environmentally friendly option to carry your own groceries home.
Raw Dried Goji Berries by HimalaniaChoose a 4 oz. or 8 oz. resealable bag of goji berries by Himalania.  Dried for outstanding shelf life. We love adding these flavorful and healthy himalayan gogi berries to hot cereals or in trail mix. Enjoy straight as a healthy snack. Raw.
Real Salt: Gift Box4 Flavors of salts and seasoning salts from Redmond Real Salt, packaged in an attractive wooden gift box. A great way to sample Redmond's line of real salt products, and as the name implies... it makes a great gift.  Certified Organic.
Real Salt: Organic Garlic Salt8.25 Oz. shaker of all natural real garlic sea salt. Untainted by pollution and chemicals, this all-natural sea salt has a delicate "sweet salt" flavor with the zest of organic garlic that you may not have experienced before. Certified Organic
Real Salt: Organic Onion Salt8.25 Oz. shaker of all natural real onion sea salt. Untainted by pollution and chemicals, this all-natural sea salt has a delicate "sweet salt" flavor with the zest of organic onion that you may not have experienced before. Certified Organic.
Real Salt: Organic Sea SaltRealSalt is a Kosher certified, all natural sea salt endowed by nature with over 30 valuable trace minerals. Real Salt has a wonderful sweet flavor that you have to taste to believe. It is the best salt we have ever tried. Certified Organic
Real Salt: Organic Seasoning Salt8.25 Oz. shaker of all natural real seasoning sea salt. This all purpose all-natural sea based seasoning salt has a delicate "sweet salt" flavor that is great on sprouts, salads, eggs, meats, soups, grilled vegetables, and more. Certified Organic.
Soyabella Soymilk MakerThe Soyabella soy milk maker is a complete soymilk making solution! You can make your own healthy & delicious soymilk for less than $0.70 per quart. Yes, you read that right... less than seventy cents a quart. A must for any vegan or vegetarian household.
Soymilk & Tofu Making Kit with 5 Lbs SoybeansComplete solution for making soymilk & tofu. Includes Soyabella soymilk maker, tofu making kit and 5 lbs. of organic yellow soybeans. Make soymilk for less than $0.70 / quart and tofu for pennies / serving. Certified Organic.
Sprout Fruit & Vegetable Wash SprayUse our sprout, fruit and vegetable wash for a better, crisper crop of sprouts. Helps control mold and growth of unwanted microbials in sprouts and wheatgrass. 16 Oz. Spray bottle. Also helps remove harmful chemicals and pesticides from fruits & vetetables.
Sprouted Wheat Flakes Cereal - OrganicA one pound bag of natural, organic sprouted wheat cereal flakes. No perservatives, chemicals or anything else to worry about. Goes great with soymilk, rice milk, and almond milk as a delicious breakfast cereal alternative. We love using agave nectar as a vegan sweetener.
Vegan Nut Milk BagThis vegan milk making bag from Handy Pantry is perfectly suited to strain pulps from nuts, rice, fruits, vegetables, and more.  The durable 10" x 12" nylon cloth washes out easily in warm water. Includes double-stitched edges and a drawstring.
Victorio Hand Grain MillThe Victorio Hand Crank Grain Mill is the perfect grain mill to add to food storage to be able to convert wheat and other grains into usable flour, even without electricity. A great addition to any kitchen. Variable settings allow coarse to fine ground flour. 

You might also be interested in culinary herb growing kits or indoor mushroom growing kits to add to your vegan kitchen!  

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