Juicer Survey Results: Juicer Ratings & Reviews

The results are in for our summer juicer survey. We had over 400 respondents and it's not too late to add your opinion! We will update the juicer ratings periodically as we continue to get responses to the juicer survey.  You can take the juicer survey here.

The goal of rating individual juicers was not to find the overall best juicer out there, as we don't believe the best juicer exists.  Every juicer is different and has strengths and weaknesses. For example, some juicers do wheatgrass well, but not carrots, and vice versa.  Some are slow single auger masticating juicers, while others are dual auger (generally more efficient at juice extraction, but also more expensive).  Hopefully this juicer survey will help you find the juicer that best meets your needs and budget.

Choose brand for ratings & reviews for individual juicer models:

Breville  Champion   Hamilton Beach Hurom
Jack LaLanne Juiceman Handy Pantry  Kuvings
Lexen  Miracle Norwalk Omega
 Samson Tribest SuperAngel Wheateena

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The Rating Scale:
In the survey, aspects of each juicer were rated on a scale of 1 to 5:

  • 1 = Very Poor
  • 2 = Poor
  • 3 = Met My Expectations
  • 4 = Exceeded My Expectations
  • 5 = Wow!

The Categories:
Each make and model of juicer was rated on various aspects of performance as described below:
  • Durability - How well does the juicer hold up against regular wear and tear, and even rough use.
  • Ease of cleanup - Some juicers are easy to clean, and some are a real chore, while others are fast and easy to clean.
  • How well does it juice wheatgrass? - Many juicers simply weren't designed to do wheatgrass, and some that do do it better than others.
  • How well does it juice carrots & hard vegetables? - Carrots and wheatgrass are at opposite ends of the juicing spectrum. Juicers that do one well usually struggle with the other, and it's rare to find a juicer that does both well.
  • How well does it juice celery and fiberous vegetables - Celery fibers can build up in some juicers and even cause binding and clogs. Not all juicers handle celery well.
  • How well does it juice soft fruits? - Some juicers do a good job of extracting juice from softer vegetables, while other just turn them into a mash.
  • How well does it juice leafy greens? - Like fruits some juicers don't handle leafy greens well and end up turning them into a paste instead of juice.
  • Overall Ease of Use - This might include factors like clean up, assembly, disassembly, number of parts to keep track of, quality of instructions, and overall experience using the juicer.  Is it fast and easy to use?  Or is it cumbersome?  Does it juice continuously, or do you need to clear pulp?
  • Efficiency - Some juicers do a great job of getting the juice out, and others not so much.  Generally you can tell by how damp the expelled pulp is. Over it's lifetime an inefficient juicer will cost you more than you bargained for in produce.
  • Overall versatility - Not just a question of how it juices a wide range of fruits, vegetables and grasses, but maybe other features it offers like mincing, food processing, making sorbets, making soymilk, making pasta, nut butters, and more.

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