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    The MicroGlow is a 12 watt dual band (red / blue) plant growth light bulb. Fits standard light bulb sockets. Greens up to 1 to 2 trays of wheatgrass at a time. Low electricity use and emits no heat.


    MicroGlow 12 Watt Dual Band LED Grow Light by Handy Pantry

    Screws into standard light bulb sockets!

    The energy squeezing MicroGlow showers your plants with the perfect blend of light needed for fast, vigorous growth. The MicroGlow fits into any standard light socket making it the most versatile LED grow light on the market today. Suitable for all stages of growth, the MicroGlow covers 1 to 2 square feet as primary ligthing (hang at a distance of 18 inches above the plants, and covers up to 6 feet when used supplemental lighting (hang at a distance of up to 6 feet above the plants). 120v, 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Power Usage - 12w
    • LEDs: 168 Bulbs
    • Wavelength: Red: 660nm, Blue: 465nm
    • Light Socket - 120 Voltage - US Standard
    • Dimensions - 5" long x 4.5" Diameter
    • Color Ratio - Red & Blue 138:30
    • Working Temp - 68 F. ~ 104 F.
    • Working Time - 10-14 Hours/Day
    • Net Weight - Approx. 1 LB
    • Warranty - 1 years

    LED Distance and Lighting Coverage:

    • Distance to Plants   /    Light Coverage
    • 20" / 2 sq. ft
    • 40" / 4 sq. ft
    • 60" / 5-3/5 sq. ft
    • 80" / 7 sq. ft            

    MicroGlow LED Grow Light Benefits
    • Up to 80% energy savings vs. Metal Halide & HPS grow lights
    • Suitable for all stages of growth. Seed to Flower to Fruit
    • Discreet - virtually no heat emitted
    • 50,000+ hour lifecycle
    • Green Product - No Harmful substances- Environmentally friendly)
    • Proven results (view the image galleries throughout the site)
    • Home Enthusiasts
    • Schools / Universities
    • Urban & Indoor Gardeners
    • Wheatgrass
    • House Plants
    • Seedlings & Clones
    • Greenhouses, Florists & Nurseries
    • Primary Plant Lighting
    • Supplemental Plant Lighting

    Why LED?
    LEDs produce light more efficiently, can burn brighter longer, emit virtually no heat and the wavelengths of light can be controlled to the nanometer. This is why LEDs are ideal for growing plants; they are extremely energy efficient and can produce the exact spectrum of light that plants love. In fact, LED's work so well that NASA uses LED technology to grow plants in space.

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