Benefits of the life force of living foods

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James B. Sumner, Nobel laureate, of Cornell Universtiy defined life as the orderly functioning of enzymes. In fact he was given the Nobel prize when he first crystallized the protein of the enzyme complex. He said that if we postpone the debilitation of metabolic enzyme activity, what we now call old age could become the glorious prime of life.

So--Life, in fact, has been defined and although enzymes have been crystallized, they only work by chemical action and are therefore called catalysts. Catalysts do not contain the "life element" which is measured as a kind of radiation which enzymes emit.

Life can also be measured. One way is which the life force can be measured is by using Kirlian Electro-Magnetic Photography. Kirlian photography has for years measured not only the life in animal forms but in plants.

Although it has been defined and also measured, the important question we have now is: Can we get more of it? Or can we enhance that which we have? Thank goodness we can answer yes to that question.

So in the history of the world, because it couldn't be explained, men have tried to find the substances in food which nourish it. In their effort, the mark has been totally missed. The mark has been missed so far, that commonly the most important ingredient (life) is completely removed form 90% of the foods people eat. Yet life is such a powerful force, it can continue to survive and be maintained even though it is not being replenished (yet is does degenerate). IT is obvious to most people (common sense) that it was given to us by the Creator.

If in fact He created it, then certainly He must have created it in such a way that it would be better than it is now? That wonderful creation how could it have fallen so low? How could it have gotten so out of shape--so degenerate and so diseased? What magic potion should He have given us to keep us from being this way? What magic potion will return us to health and then keep us that way?

Not only common sense tells us that we must take the medicine that the Creator provided, but thank goodness! Historical records besides the Bible have been found which indicate that the Lord did not create us and then forget us like he seems to have done. There actually was a medicine created by Him. The medicine is Life itself---the life which is found in foods which we eat every day. Life which is there if we do not destroy it by cooking, pickling, bottling, pulverizing, processing, etc.

In 1928 Edmond Bordeaux Szekely discovered and translated an ancient scroll that he had found in the Vatican---in which he found that Jesus Christ (during his lifetime) had actually visited and taught the Essenes, and ancient sect of people who lived near the Dead Sea, all about how to eat to stay healthy. Edmond Szekely was so enthralled with the translations that he formed a society adn had the translations published into little books. He felt that the world desperately needed the message. He called the translation The Essene Gospel of Peace (books I- IV). Christ's main teaching in Book I was: Don't kill your food by cooking it. His main teaching in Book IV was: all grasses are good for man, but wheatgrass is the perfect food for man.

In the early 1940's medical doctors studied a substance called chlorophyll. Charles Kettering, then Chairman of the Board of General Motors funded much fo the research that was done. Medical doctors found that chlorophyll was a wonderful healer--that it cured all kinds of things: peptic ulcers, sinus infections, anemia, etc. The AMA actually accepted the cereal grasses as natural vitamin food in 1939! (Wheatgrass is 70% chlorophyll.)

In the 1950's a woman by the name of Ann Wigmore opened a non-profit foundation in Boston and began treating people with wheatgrass juice and a living food diet. Since that time, people from alll over the world have visited her institute and have been healed of major degenerative diseases--cancer, arthritis, aids, etc.

If we in fact become tired of waiting for medical science to discover a solution to our ills, we can then return to Life, the medicine of our creator.

by KK Fowlkes

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