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Find out why over 85,000 people have chosen Wheatgrasskits.com for all their growing needs. We proudly provide the most complete selection of growing kits, juicers and supplies to grow wheat grass, barley grass, herbs, sprouts, greens and edible mushrooms. We also carry soy milk kits, composting supplies, books and more. Check out our information library & blog.  Our sprouting seed are certified organic. For tips and tricks on growing and juicing wheatgrass see our growing videos.

Organic Wheatgrass Kit

The Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit (SKU: K1)Our flagship wheat grass growing kit. Grow & juice your own wheatgrass for pennies a day. Complete and Organic Kit to get you started growing wheatgrass within 7-10 days. Produces up to 90 ounces of wheat grass juice.  Certified Organic.

Product List

3 Jar Seed Sprouting Jar KitGreat starter kit for those who prefer growing sprouts using the jar method. Three quart jars with sprout strainer lids, sprout booklet and a great 2.5 lb selection of sprouting seeds and and sprout salad mixes. Certified Organic.
Large Growing Trays WITH Drain HolesDurable black plastic growing trays. These reusable growing trays do have drain holes, which are usually better for growing in soil. There is less mold and better growth over all. Approx: 20" by 10". Choose your size.
Wheatgrass Growing Kit + Tornado Stainless Steel JuicerThe complete organic wheatgrass growing kit packaged with a the Tornado stainless steel manual juicer. Great for those new to wheatgrass. Everything you need. Trade up to electric juicer option on the tornado juicer. Certified Organic.

Information Library

Early History of Wheatgrass 

Always in the past I was a middle to rear of the pack racer. Juicing changed that... Read More

Unique History of Wheatgrass
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Has anyone ever noticed that people of our world eat so many quantities of wheat (normally in highly processed and lifeless forms like breads) Do they realize that the near nutritional benefit and healing power of wheat is hidden in the seed itself?...Read More

40 Uses of Wheatgrass

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Newsletter Archive

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Why Wheatgrass Kits?

Experience - We have over 30 years collective growing experience, including running a commercial greenhouse. We know wheatgrass! Over 45,000 satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

Premium Quality - We don’t sell anything that we have not personally tested and used. We are often asked why we don’t sell cheap plastic or cast iron juicers (under $40). Because we have tested them, and we don’t sell junk.

Complete Selection - We carry a complete line of supplies. You never need to look elsewhere.

Easy Ordering - Order on-line, by Phone, Fax, or Snail Mail.

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Wheatgrass & Barleygrass Kits

Wheat & Barley Grass KitsChoose from a great selection of wheatgrass or barleygrass grow kits with and without a juicer. A great way to get started growing and juicing wheatgrass. All our products are certified organic and easy to use.


Manual Wheatgrass JuicersLooking for an inexpensive way to get started growing and juicing your own wheatgrass? You have found the right place! Check out our selection of durable hand-crank wheatgrass juicers. They bolt to any countertop.

Organic Sprouting Supplies

Sprouting SeedSelection of over 40 Certified Organic Sprouting Seed and Grains.  High Germination, Microbial Tested and 100% Certified Organic by the USDA.