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    Sprouts from organic mung beans are crunchy, delicious and healthy.  A staple of Chinese cooking, they go great in sprouting mixes, salads, soups and more. Available in small quantity to bulk, all in resealable packaging. Certified Organic.

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    Mung Bean - 35 Lb Bucket

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    Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds

    • Resealable Packaging
    • Certified Organic
    • Microbial Tested
    • High Germination Rate
    • Sprouts & Sprouting
    • Food Storage
    • Oriental Cooking & Recipes
    • More

    Organic Mung Bean Sprout Seed is excellent for sprouts & sprouting, food storage, soup, cooking, oriental recipes & garden seed. Mung bean seeds are one of our most popular sprouting seed / beans.

    Organic Mung Bean Sprouts are rich in protein as well as vitamin A, the vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as various minerals and enzymes. 

    Calories in Beansprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts: 1 Cup = 10 calories. One pound of Organic Mung Bean Sprouts Seeds make about 10 pounds of Organic mung beans sprouts. Organic Mung bean sprouts have a crisp, crunchy texture and a flavor similar to fresh-picked garden peas.

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    One of Our Favorite Beans to Sprout!


    We like these to sprout by themselves or in combo with others like Adzuki beans- use in oriental stir fries, wraps, salads, green drinks, soups etc. My husband takes a snack bag full of Mung/Adzuki bean sprout combo and swears they give him an energy boost in the afternoon. We sprout these in Sproutman's Hemp Bags (sold on this site) and after soaking & rinsing we hang the bags on a little cup hook under the cupboard to drip into a small bowl.