Sprout Garden - 3 Tray Stackable Seed Sprouter

Sprout Garden - 3 Tray Stackable Seed Sprouter
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Hands down our favorite and most popular sprouter. Stackable tray sprouting system grows variable quantities and several crops at once. Simple, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and made in the USA. If you are unsure about which sprouter to buy... this is the one.

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The Sprout Garden - 3 Tray Stackable Sprouter

The Sprout Garden tray sprouting system is hands down our favorite sprouter. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and takes up very little counter space in your kitchen. There are not small peices to lose, no moving parts and it stacks higher and higher if you buy multiple sprouters. It will allow you to grow anything from small quantities up to large family volumes.  Many other sprouting options simply will not handle the volume demands that this sprouter does elegantly.  If you are unsure which sprouter to buy, this is the one we'd recommend. For the price, there is no better sprouter on the planet.  We are so confident that you will love this sprouter, it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty!

  • 3 Stackable Growing Trays
  • Buy multiple sprout gardens, and stack even higher
  • Grow variable quantities of sprouts
  • Grow different crops simultaneously
  • Blocks light until you are ready to green up your sprouts
  • Small footprint - uses very little counter space
  • Diswasher safe
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Durable Trays
  • Made In the USA
  • BPA Free!
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

The Sprout Garden Sprouter Includes:

  • Four Drainboard / Covers (9 inches in diameter)
  • Sprouting Trays (7 inches in diameter & 3 inches deep)
  • 2 oz of Certified Organic Alfalfa Seed
  • Step-By-Step Instructions Sheet

How To Grow Sprouts

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 6 reviews: 4.3
3 tray sprouterJust finished my first batch of sprouts in this and love it. Was bigger than I thought it would be and has room for lots of seeds. So easy to use! Written by Sarah on Thu 13 Feb 2014 10:15:02 PM GMT
Sprouter@ Jerry Hicks

It is not suppose to interlock lol.. just rinse holding the one piece you silly man. Also you can get 2 kits and stack them 6 high still fitting under most cabinets so its an awesome use of space and is not an eye sore like the jars can be. As far as it being flimsy plastic.. its not heavy plastic but not that flimsy either and you want it give a little so that you can rinse the sprouts and bend a little to get out some of the seed hulls without dumping the sprouts. Basically I have sprouted in everything and this may not be made out of something fancy but it works great, isn't a terrible eyesore and doesn't take up near as much space as bags, jars and other contraptions.
Written by Leeanne on Sat 15 Jun 2013 4:46:45 AM GMT
don't interlockWhile rinsing the two parts do no interlock so you have to try to hold them together by hand. Also when soaking they dont stack properly so they have to be side by side so they take up a lot of counter space. Also they are made if very flimsy plastic and if you are not carefull it colapses when you have to move a tray that you are soaking seeds in. I wasted my money on this contrapction, don't waste yours. Not at all useful. Written by Jerry Hicks on Wed 10 Apr 2013 8:15:46 PM GMT
Highly RecommendJust got to say that if you are new to sprouting (or not) this kit makes it easy and quick to get up and going. Was amazed at how many sprouts you can make with just one tray! I made two trays first week and may have made too many! The kits come with three trays which is more than plenty, probably more than you'll need actually, but there there in case you need to make a lot of 'em. This product makes it very easy to grow your own sprouts. Simply soak overnight, then rinse in morning and once in the evening for 5 days or so. The holes in the bottom of the trays make it easy to eliminate the water from the rinse. Very pleased with purchase! Written by Rich on Thu 6 Sep 2012 9:39:58 PM GMT
SpouterI bought one for son and his wife. They love how easy it is to use and because they have a small kitchen it works great for them. I am planning to buy one for myself. Written by Reta Knott on Mon 18 Jun 2012 8:39:52 PM GMT
Sprout Garden ReviewI bought this for my son who loves Alfalfa sprouts, but I'm loving it growing also growing mung bean sprouts and salad mixes. It's fun, easy and the sprouts are delicious and last well in the refrigerator. I'll probably buy one for my friend and sister. This is a great product and a good healthy hobby - fun & nutritous!! Written by Barbara on Sat 4 Feb 2012 3:48:47 PM GMT
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