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    Vegan protein meal replacement by Amazing Grass is a great tasting drink powder that can be mixed with water, milk or smothie for a low calorie, high protein superfood nutrition meal replacement. 15 servings / bottle. Certified Organic.


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    Amazing Meal - Vegan Meal Replacement Drink Mix

    Available in 5 Delicious Flavors: 
    • Original 
    • Chocolate Infusion
    • Vanilla Chai
    • Pomegranate Mango
    • CafĂ© Mocha
    Not sure which flavor to try?  Choose them all with our assorted 5 pack!

    This line of vegan meal replacement powdered drink mix from amazing grass is one of our absolute favorite new products!  (See below for a review from one of our staff!) This is one of the best tasting vegan protein powder drinks you are likely to ever try. Made from Rice and Hemp protein (no soy, or any animal based proteins) and infused with the goodness of wheatgrass, barleygrass, acai and goji berries, it makes a delicious, low calorie, satisfying vegan meal replacement. Great as part of an overall weight loss program, and sooooo good for you!
    • Each bottle is 12.4 oz.
    • Serving size: 29 grams (pre-measured scoop included)
    • 15 servings per bottle
    • Low Calories
    • High Protein
    • High Fiber
    • Nutrient Dense
    • Certified Organic
    • Vegan RAW
    • Non-GMO
    • Dairy & Soy Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Cold Processed
    Mix one scoop of amazing meal powder in 10 oz of water, milk, soymilk, almond milk, or rice milk. Best served chilled. Experiment in making smoothies!

    Amazing Meal Organic Ingredients: rice protein, hemp protein, wheatgrass, kale, barleygrass, alfalfa, acai, carrot, blueberry, goji, rose hips, maca, banana, flax seed powder, l. acidophilus, alpha amylase, beta amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, cellulase, cane juice, guar gum, red dutch cocoa, sea salt, other natural flavors. Staff Reviewer:  "I am so glad I tried this vegan meal powder! And while eating healthy and getting a good dose of wheat grass and barley grass may be good for me, it sure makes it easier to do on a daily basis when it tastes sooo good!  It is so hard to find a good tasting vegan shake mix.  It is also nice that it is rice protein and hemp protein and not soy protein.  The other thing that we always add to our shakes is Flax seed, but this has ground flax meal in it too so it is like everything that we want in one mix. It makes it so much faster to get a shake ready, and it tastes way better! This tastes great (with only 6 grams of suger per serving!) whether you are blending it with fruit, greens, or just rice milk or water."

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