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    Omni's best smoothie blender brings power and reliability, with a 7 year parts and labor warranty.  Includes a powerful 3 HP motor, a wet/dry hybrid blade, plastic tamper, and a 64 Oz. BPA Free pitcher.  Free Ground Shipping
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    Omni Food Blender / Mixer with 64 Oz. Pitcher - Smoothies, Soups, & More!

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    3 horsepower food blender with included 64 ounce pitcher from Omni.  Whether preparing anything from smoothies to peanut butters, the Omni V mixer / blender is made to be just as durable and powerful as more expensive blenders, while also being optimized to run cooler and quieter.  

    Built-in 3 speed motor with 3 timer settings.  The auto adjusting speed feature, regardless of chosen speed, starts at low and builds up to desired levels.  This gives more power to breaking extra hard ice and nuts as it builds up to chosen speeds.

    The included 64 Oz. (2 Liter) blender pitcher is made from tough food grade BPA-free co-polyester plastic, that can withstand temperatures up to 230º F.  This strong plastic combined with a 6 knife wet and dry blade, makes this an amazingly versatile food blender.  With a 7 year parts and labor warranty, and top notch customer service, you can't go wrong with Omni.

    • 3 Horsepower Blender - Runs cooler with less electricity
    • Runs Quieter - most blenders run between 95 and 105 dB. Omni runs at 85 dB
    • Overload Reset Button - Helps protect motor from issues such as overloading.
    • 3 Speeds with 3 Timer Settings - With automatic speed increase feature.
    • Rubber Feet - Provides excellent grip, and vibration reduction.
    • Adjustable Power Cord - Stow extra cable length under blender.
    • Soft Rubber Lid - Sits tight but also removes easily.
    • Wet or Dry Blade - One blade does it all!  Multi-purpose stainless steel blade with 6 knives.
    • 64 Oz. BPA free Pitcher Included - Super food grade BPA-free co-polyester, resistant up to 230º F.
    • Included Plastic Tamper - Lid contains access for emergency tamper for air pockets.
    • 7 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
    • Includes Free Booklet: Deliciously Raw - Easy Recipes for the OMNI Blender - 58 recipes, 82 pages, full color.
    Great For:
    • Ice Cream
    • Peanut Butter
    • Raw Soup
    • Smoothies
    • Grains
    • Salsa
    • Sauces
    • Meats
    • Purée
    Omni's best 3 horsepower blender is an excellent choice for those wanting a high powered and reliable mixer, without the extra cost of the brand.  If your favorite food is fruit and vegetable smoothies, or freshly made raw soups, this will be your blender of choice.

    Optional Sound Enclosure (Currently Out of Stock): The OMNI blenders are already much quieter than other high end blender options, but this additional sound enclosure reduces the noise level by over 50%.  It is made from food safe poly-carbonite composite and weighs under 7 lbs. Measures 12" wide by 18" high by 14" deep. Necessary clearance is about 26".  Made specifically for Omni blenders but will accomodate other blenders of similar size.

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