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    SW Basics organic body scrub - 6 Oz. Jar - Double duty vegan bodyscrub: exfoliates with course demerara sugar & shredded organic coconut - moisturizes with the all natural organic coconut oil to both scrub you clean and make your skin soft.


    Vegan Sugar & Coconut Body Scrub by SW Basics

    All organic, ethically sourced, vegan body scrub made by SW Basics (formerly Sprout Skincare).  Contains course demerara sugar with shredded coconut that helps with the effectiveness of your washing, the organic coconut oil will  leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.  This bodyscrub by sprout comes in an attractive 6 ounce jar and contains only the best all natural ingredients.

    This vegan bodyscrub contains no animal products, making this a great solution for those looking for low impact and environmentally sustainable skin care. - 6 Oz. Jar -

    Body Scrub Ingredients:
    • Demerara Sugar
    • Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil
    • Shredded Coconut
    SW Basics Bodyscrub is handmade in small batches, supports local family farms, contains only the best completely organic ingredients, and smells delicious!

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