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The sproutman growing rack by Tribest will fit three trays of wheatgrass, barleygrass or microgreens at a time.  Great for growing multiple flats of wheatgrass, giving a constant supply to juice. Rack stacks up to 10 trays high! Free Shipping.

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Sproutman SM-350 Wheatgrass Grower - 3 Tray Grow Rack


The perfect solution to growing multiple flats of wheatgrass in a compact, easy to maintain tray based system. The Sproutman Wheatgrass Grower by Tribest is an excellent solution for those that want to grow a constant supply of wheatgrass, but dont want to occupy every square inch of precious counter space. The Tribest Sproutman SM-350 brings many advantages over traditional wheatgrass growing methods such as:

  • Grow wheatgrass with or without soil
  • Grow your own wheatgrass in just 10 days
  • Expand your grower up to 10 trays
  • Take advantage of regular room temperature and lighting
  • 20" x 15" x 11" 10 lbs

Kit Includes:
  • 3 Growing Trays
  • 3 Germination Lids
  • 3 Greenhouse Covers
  • 3 Shelf Baskets
  • 3 Seed Sheets
  • Instruction Manual
  • Spray Bottle
  • 1 Pound of Organic Wheatgrass Seed

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