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    All of SW Basics natural, vegan products in one discounted package!  Includes Skin Moisturizing Cream Jar, Cleanser, Toner, Makeup Remover, Body Scrub, Exfoliant and 5 Flavors of Lip Balm.

    Nutural Vegan Skin Care Combo Pack by SW Basics

    All natural, vegan skin care products from SW Basics (formerly Sprout Skincare).  This all-in-one kit packs all of SW Basics' best, simple products into one package.

    • SW Basics Skin Cream - 3.5 Oz. Jar - All natural, moisturizer from SW Basics.  This skin cream is unique in that it doesnt use water as a base like many other lotions.  Sprout's body cream is created first with organic vegan shea butter, combined with some extra-virgin coconut and olive oil, this rich cream will keep your skin soft and moist.  Great for those with consistently dry skin.
    • SW Basics Cleanser - 4 ounce Jar - All organic, facial cleanser from Sprout.  This alcohol-free wash is made with only a handful of all-natural organic ingredients to both cleanse and moisten the skin.  Perefect for dry or problematic skin.
    • SW Basics Skin Toner - 4 ounce Jar - All natural, skin toner from SW Basics.  This is the perfect facial therapy product for helping create smooth healthy skin.  This toner neutralizes pH levels of the skin and balances skin tones, keeping skin from getting too dry or too oily.
    • SW Basics Makeup Remover - 2 ounce Jar - All organic, gentle makeup remover from SW Basics.  This makeup remover will efficiently remove makeup without drying out your skin, won't burn your eyes, and won't leave your skin feeling greasy.  Perfect for sensitive skin.
    • SW Basics Body Scrub - 6 ounce Jar - All organic, bodyscrub from SW Basics.  Ingredients like shredded coconut and course sugar is perfect for full body cleansing.  Scrub your face without worrying about getting it in your mouth, because it tastes as wonderful as it smells.
    • SW Basics Exfoliant - 4 ounce Bottle - All natural, exfoliant from SW Basics.  Made from only a few simple ingredients such as ground oats, almonds, and sea salt. This exfoliant is simple yet super effective at achieving soft, glowing skin.
    • Sprout Vegan Lip Balm - 5 Pack Assortment - Includes: Peppermint, Cocoa, Cinnamon, Citrus, and Wheatgrass - Created using 100% vegan and organic ingredients, free of animal products.  Wheatgrass being the focus ingredient, this lip balm is excellent for chapped and dry lips.

    SW Basics Skincare products are made with 100% natural ingredients, all of which are brought in from fair trade, and local family farms.