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Artificial wheatgrass. Durable PVC plastic fake wheatgrass for the lasting look and feel of ornamental wheatgrass without the hassle.  Popular in weddings, hotel decorations, business decorations, home decor and more. Choose size.


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Decorative Plastic Artificial Wheatgrass - Fake Wheat Grass

  • Durable PVC plastic
  • Choose Size:
    • Measures 6" by 6" (Height of blades is 3.5" to 4")
    • Measures 12" by 12" by 4" high
  • Each Square has 8 connecting points
  • Connect multiple squares for seamless coverage
  • Easily trim size to fit any space need

Perfect for interior decoration, this realistic artificial wheat grass is 6 inches square and 4 inches high. It can be cut down to fit any need. All four sides have connectors so you can connect them together to cover larger areas seamlessly.  Very popular as interior decoration, hotel lobbies, weddings & more.

The grass is made from very durable PVC plastic. Some people call it fake plastic grass, but you will see that it is very realistic and decorative artificial wheatgrass. Living wheatgrass only stays beautiful for a few days so if you are looking for a long term wheatgrass decoration, these are ideal!