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Everything you need to make your own tofu from scratch! Use your blender and cooking gear and add lemon juice as a coagulant to make over 5 lbs of tofu with the included soybeans. Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. Certified Organic.


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Basic Tofu Kit with Reusable Wood Press

Everything you need to get starte making your own tofu from scratch! If you have a soymilk maker you can certainly use it to produce soymilk, however this tofu kit stands on its own, and does not require a soymilk machine. It will walk you through every step of making tofu from soaking the beans to pressing the tofu, and everything inbetween. All you need to provide is some pots and bowls, a wire mesh strainer, blender and lemon juice to use as a coagulant. You can make your own fresh tofu from scratch. It's fun, easy, healthy and delicous. Fresh tofu has an amazing texture and freshness, and is nothing like rubbery, store bought tofu. You can make fresh tofu from organic soybeans at home literally for pennies per pound.


  • Wooden tofu Press / Mold - Measures 7.5 inches L x 5.5 inches W x 4 inches Deep.
  • Reusable cheesecloth - measures 20" x 14"
  • 5 Lbs organic yellow dried soybeans in a re-sealable can (over 11 cups)
  • Step by step instructions (2 sided, easy to follow)
Features & Benefits:
  • Easy & fun
  • Fresh tofu is amazing and healthy
  • Step by step instructions (discusses several techniques)
  • Experiment with different coagulants, techniques and pressing durations for different tofus
  • Recipe makes 1 1/4 pound of tofu per batch.
  • Double the recipe for 2.5 lbs of tofu!
  • The sturdy wood tofu mold can almost handle a triple batch!
  • Enough soybeans included to make over 5 lbs of tofu (depending on firmness)
  • A critical addition to food storage - convert dried, stored soybeans to high protien food
  • Instructions to make regular soymilk included

This kit does not include tofu coagulant to help keep the price down. The detailed step-by-step instructions recommend lemon juice as a coagulant (it works wonderfully!) because it is cheap, plentiful and available everywhere. The instructions also discuss alternative coagulants like vinegar and food grade epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) which are also available at any grocery store. If you are looking for traditional coagulants, we offer those: Chinese gypsum and Japanese Nigari.

Check out our deluxe tofu making kit that also includes black soybeans to experiment with. Black soy tofu is a little more coarse and features an amazing color of tofu!