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    Great gift assortment of our 7 varieties of Bentonite Clay Soap. A scent for everyday of the week: Wheatgrass, Cucumber & Melon, Lavender, Tangerine & Almond, Fresh Mint, Unscented Oatmeal & Victorian Rose. All natural skin health.

    Calcium Bentonite Clay Gift Set

    Great gift assortment of our 7 varieties of Bentonite Clay Soap. A scent for everyday of the week! These soaps contain one of our very favorite things... calcium bentonite clay, renowned for powerful skin restorative, exfoliation, detoxification and anti-aging effects. The soaps are hand made in small batches and are cold cured, not cooked. Each bar contains fine milled calcium bentonite clay, the finest olive, palm and coconut oils, herbs, pure essential oils, and natural sea salt. Unlike most commercially produced soaps, each handmade soap bar retains its glycerin. Most commercial soap companies add less “skin friendly” chemicals to their soap. The bentonite clay in our soap bars helps to deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling smoother, cleaner, and looking more vibrant. Each bar is hand cut, and is approximately 4.5 ounces.

    Calcium Bentonite Soap: 1 each

    - Wheatgrass

    - Cucumber & Melon

    - Lavender

    - Tangerine & Almond

    - Fresh Mint

    - Unscented Oatmeal

    - Victorian Rose

    Calcium Bentonite Soap:

    Fine Milled Bentonite Clay - For a non-gritty creamy texture.

    Healing Herbs - skin restorative, healing and anti-aging properties.

    Cleanses & Exfoliates - Gentle cleansing and exfoliation.

    Great for Oily Skin -deep cleans and soaks up excess oil. Great for acne.

    Cold Cured - Not 'cooked' like commercial soaps.

    Handmade – In small batches for superior quality.

    Decorative – With a 'whipped' top. Perfect for guest bathrooms.

    About Bentonite
    Calcium Bentonite Clay (sometimes called "Montmorillionite") were formed by volcanic activity, and are naturally rich in virtually all trace elements and minerals necessary for optimum health. Bentonite is often used in natural skin care like clay masks, lotions, baths, and soaps. Many folks also take bentonite internally for it's powerful detoxification properties and highly absorbable trace mineral content. It is also commonly used as an all natural trace mineral fertilizer. Many farmers and ranchers mix small amounts of it in livestock feed to keep their animals healthy.


    Olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, water, herbs & other essential oils, sea salt, calcium bentonite clay.

    Additional Bentonite Clay information:

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