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    10 Pack of organic cocotek hydroponic growing mats. Fits our 21" x 10" x 2" growing trays. For use in hydroponic growing of wheatgrass and barleygrass, but can be used for other hydroponic uses like microgreens and more. Certified Organic.

    Pack of 10 CocoTek Hydroponic Growing Mats - For Wheatgrass & Other Hydroponic Uses


    • Certified Organic
    • Compostable (slow composting)
    • Hydroponic Plant Grow Mats
    • All natural - made from coconut fibers
    • Great for Wheatgrass, Microgreens and other hydroponic growing applications.

    Some people who live in apartments don't want to be bothered about bringing soil into their houses and using it as a growing medium. We have added cocotek growing mats as an alternative to those who wish to grow using the hydroponics method.

    CocoTek Mats are completely natural and bio-degradable -- made of a combination of coconut fiber and natural organic rubber latex. Wheatgrass is grown exactly the same way, using the coco mat instead of soil. Coco mats are very light weight and inexpensive to ship. Each mat is 3/8" thick and fits the 20" x 10" Wheatgrass Growing Trays. This pack of 10 mats will grow 10 flats of grass, or greens, they are not reusable because the root system uses the mat up completely. They are not reusable but are compostable.

    See our organic hydroponic wheatgrass growing kit.