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The Urban Compost Tumbler is available in two sizes, 7.3 Cubic Feet, and 9.5 Cubic Feet. Perfect to compost flats of wheatgrass or other compostables quickly while taking up minimal space and containing odors. The best composter on the market.  Free Ground Shipping!


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Urban Compost Tumber - Self Contained Composting Bin

Every plant enthusiast knows the advantage that quality compost has on your plants and flowers, but few have the time, space, or energy to create their own compost. The Urban Compost Tumbler has been designed and tested for ease of use to make it the perfect solution. It takes up minimal space and seals in unappealing odors.

All Models of the Urban Compost Tumbler Ship Free by Ground!
  • Make your own compost in only 4-6 weeks
  • Most efficient and safest composter and compost bin on the market today.
  • Compost your spent wheatgrass flats in this compost tumbler. Use the same soil over and over. 
  • Add Azomite trace mineral fertilizer to you compost bin and have the richest, mineral rich and most fertile compost ever!
Made in the USA from recycled commodities barrels (pickle barels, olive barrels, etc...) and / or 100% HDPE recycled food grade plastic.

Available Composters
Urban Compost Tumbler 7.3 (UCT-7)
SIZE: 7.3 cu ft, 55 gallons, 6 bushels 
WEIGHT: 38 lbs 
 - 10-years with trex stand
 - 5-years with wood stand
Urban Compost Tumbler 9.5 (UCT-9)
SIZE: 9.5 cu ft, 71 gallons, 7.6 bushels
WEIGHT: 70 lb. (ships in 2 boxes)
BONUS: Also makes 'compost tea'
- 10-years

Features and Benefits of the Urban Compost Tumbler

  • Eco Friendly - Made of re-purposed or reycled materials
  • Black in color
  • UV Protected
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Ease of use and "low maintenance" time
  • Unique central aeration for more effective and faster composting - it's the oxygen!
  • Fully enclosed composter, off-the-ground unit, virtually rodent and animal proof
  • Avoids odor problems even with higher nitrogen ratios
  • Aids in moisture control in extra dry or rainy climates
  • Provides insulation to aid heating of smaller batches
  • Portability, as the Urban Compost Tumbler can be moved about your yard
  • No constant turning of compost piles
  • No cranks and rollers to get clogged up & No metal parts to rust
  • Fully enclosed, off-the-ground unit - Kid & pest proof
  • 60-DAY GUARANTEED satisfaction or your Purchase Price back ... UNCONDITIONAL
  • Manufactured by D&P Industries

FAQ about composting with the Urban Compost Tumbler

How long does it take to make compost?
There is no single answer to this question. Composting time will vary greatly based on many factors including the type of material being used, particle sizes, nitrogen to carbon mix, moisture content, temperature, whether you use a good Compost Starter or Blood Meal, and very important for composting speed is OXYGEN (aeration). Under ideal conditions and with appropriate amendments, you can produce compost in as little as 13-days with the UCT because of its patented core aeration system. For the average person who may not want to bother creating the "ideal" mix, 3-4 weeks is more likely. For people who do not give any attention to what they through into the unit, have too low of a nitrogen content or use very coarse material... things will still compost but it could take even longer.

How easy is the UCT to turn?
Both Urban Compost Tumbler models are relatively easy to turn when following some basic guidelines. First, it should not be overloaded with material and adding a lot of water. For ease of turning, it is recommended that the weight be kept under 130 lbs. With the average compost batch of crushed dry leaves and green grass mixed in a 50/50 ratio being less than 100 lbs, the unit turns quite easily. The second important note in turning the UCT is to rock the barrel back and for a couple times before turning -- using momentum to help turn it and not trying to just "muscle" it around.

In an urban setting, many people have neither the space nor the time to maintain a traditional compost pile in their backyard. Add that to the growing regulations concerning compost piles, neighbor complaints, and unwanted pests..... the Urban Compost Tumbler fits nicely into an urban setting while getting the job done. Below you can see the center "Aeration Tube" in the Urban Compost Tumbler. Given enough time, all composters and methods work. Given enough oxygen, they simply work better and faster. The most efficient bacteria, called "aerobes", need oxygen to do their work. Without oxygen the aerobes cannot survive and the anaerobes take over slowing decomposition by as much as 90 percent. In addition, the center aeration tube with its cross bar assists in the break up and separation of compost as it is turned preventing the materials from turning into a ball and just sliding back and forth when tumbled.

There are "Four" ingredients that are critical for effective composting of all organic materials: carbon, nitrogen, water, and oxygen. The unique (Patent pending) core aeration system of the Urban Compost Tumbler provides the essential oxygen for the aerobic microorganisms and tool free mixing of the composting materials. This near odorless, fully enclosed composter is ideal for both yard and kitchen materials. Many cities now ban or are considering banning open compost piles because of the pest control (e.g. rats, mice, raccoons and insects) and are tuning to fully enclosed composters like the Urban Compost Tumbler.

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