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We have received countless comments from customers over the last 14 years. Below is a small selection.


I really appreciate how quickly customer service responds to customers thus far!

Immediately after I received the online copy of my purchase, I noticed that it reflected that I had selected the GB-9005 (Black) juicer. How that happened must have been a result of my being interrupted by a series of important text messages as I was completing my order. I paused the ordering, and when I returned to it I must have not paid due attention to what I was doing with respect to the order. (So much for multitasking by a 69 year old!)

Well, within 60 seconds after I had received the online copy, I called the 866 phone number at the bottom of the copy and spoke with a lady about the fact that I really wanted the GB-9004 (white), since the juicer was a gift from my wife and I to our daughter, who had specified white for her birthday! Yikes! I was in trouble!!!

Anyway, the nice lady asked for my name, etc., and where I ordered the product. She indicated that she would take care of making sure the change to the GB-9004 would be made so that my daughter would not execute me, LOL!

A few minutes ago, I received a phone call back from the lady informing me that the change will be made when the order is processed before it is shipped in the morning!

Now, that's what I call REAL customer service! You can bet that my friends and associates will hear my positive comment and recommendation for where they should purchase juicing items in the future. Thank you!!!

William L.

Just a note to say thanks for a great product! We ordered the starter kit a few days ago and our kids love watching the first tray of wheatgrass getting ready to be harvested. The seed sprouted and is growing perfectly. We love our visits to the juice stop, but at $1.75 a shot and with the fun of growing our own, we hope we have started a healthy new family pastime.


The Hutchinsons Lincoln, NE

I'm trying barley this time around. I have been juicing with an Omega for about 5 years in the morning. My brother and I drink a mixture of apple, parsley, celery, carrot, and have now added the wheatgrass to it in the morning.

One day they asked me at work what I was "on", and I told them "Grass, literally", I get such a buzz off it. We now are planting more trays so we can do shots in the afternoon. My friend has a cousin who has been chewing tobacco for years and is coming down with cancer in the mouth. I referred him to your web-site and told him to IMMEDIATELY start growing wheatgrass and chewing it. So I'm spreading the word, and will try to turn as many people as possible on to the benefits of your products, thanks again and you will hear from me soon.

JT Ericson, Minneapolis, MN

Thank you so much for your response. I feel such a difference since I started drinking the wheatgrass. I am 36 weeks pregnant and my baby feels like she is dancing in my belly when I drink it. Thanks for the prompt answer. I will be in touch if I have more questions.

Best ever,
Cheryl Brown

Prior to purchasing the Deluxe Kit I had never grown grasses before. I'm 45 years old, vegetarian, and in good health. I had been taking two-ounce shots of wheatgrass juice at the local juice bars quite frequently and I was aware of the good feeling it gave me. I found your kit EXCELLENT and soon began producing fresh trays of wheatgrass juice and within two weeks, I advanced to four ounces per day. I began feeling much better physically, mentally and spiritually. One day, I decided to try sprouting barleygrass seeds because I had been provided them in the kit and had read that they were good for you. My first barleygrass shot was a mixture of two ounces of wheat and two ounces of barley (because I had used up a tray of wheatgrass and all I had available at the time was the barleygrass). My first reaction was "Boy is this BITTER!" But then I IMMEDIATELY got an overall body rush of the likes I had never experienced with the wheatgrass! I felt an overall glow and tingling that was like my body telling me "Thank You, David!". For the last couple days, I've been taking four ounces of barleygrass juice (chased immediately by a fresh valencia orange). The wonderful feeling it gives me lasts all day. Increased energy, more positive mental attitude, better self-image, incredible! Just yesterday, I was doing a business transaction with a man I had never met before. He asked me if I was a Christian. I answered, "uh, yeah". He went on "I thought so, you are just glowing! You have that look--you must be doing something right." Although I do believe in God and I pray often, I knew that the look he noticed about me was in a large measure due to my recent wheatgrass and barleygrass consumption. Now when I travel out of town, I try to drive instead of flying so I can take my grass trays and my juicer with me on the road. I offer it to everyone I meet and already know. The barleygrass was such an unexpected pleasure and I owe my discovery of it to you and you alone. Had I not discovered your website and calculated the great value of the Deluxe Kit, I doubt if I would have ever decided to try barleygrass. I most likely would have stuck with wheatgrass growing. What a gift you gave me! Thank you so very very much.

David M. Westchester, CA

I just received my order of 10 pounds of flax seed. Wow, what service! I only ordered a few days ago and it was on my doorstep (regular shipping). I'm certainly impressed. I will definitely be a future customer!

Thank you so much.
J. Berthoud, Colorado

This is my second order. I ordered a juicer and growing kit and have enjoyed them. When it ran out I bought some seed from the health food store in town. I have not been able to get a good tray of grass yet. They are all growing very sporadically and some are very thin. I ordered some more seed from wheatgrasskits and can't wait to get back to some more great crops. I know it works. I also felt the customer service was very good. My mom purchased a juicer and growing kit from you this week also--so we're a wheatgrasskits family.


I ordered a Omega VRT350 on Thursday night late. I also ordered some other products also at the same time. I figured I would get the VRT350 later part of the next week. My roommate says, did you get the box I left in the kitchen for you. I am not expecting anything. Specially on Saturday there was the VRT350.

I am writing this because I am going into surgery for sleeve on Tuesday. So happy that I will have it when I come home on Thursday when I need to have liquid for two weeks.

I am extremely happy with you getting me the product so I could try it out before surgery.

I am sorry to waste your time. I think it is important nowadays to let company's know when they are doing great. I know as an owner, it is nice to get positive feedback when the employees or company is doing well.

Happy new years

Thank you

J. Woltner

Hi there -

I'm so excited to grow my wheatgrass again. I didn't think I'd be able to continue growing once I moved into a small space. Never let it be said if you live in a small space you can't still have a wheatgrass garden! I live in a 275 sq. ft. apartment and it's tight but absolutely doable. I should be an inspirational story of some kind, haha.

Thanks again for your help! I'm going to continue ordering your CocoTek mats; they're great and they are less expensive than anywhere else on the Internet (that I've found).


Dear Kaitlin & friends,

Thank you so much for the wheat grass kits and seeds! What a blessing! We have been enjoying fresh sprouts on our salads and looking forward to learning more healthy ways of eating!

May God bless you for your kindness to us!

With Gratefulness,
Michelle for the Duggars
Proverbs 3:5-7

Thanks for all your help getting me started growing my own organic cat grass! Followed the helpful directions that came with my kit, and in 5 days, we had some great treats for our two cats. Add you can see, Fiona couldn't wait to eat it!

- Sabrina

Just to let you know, I've been juicing wheatgrass for about a year & a half. For the last 8 mo. or so I've been trying barley grass. I had my blood work done about 2 mo. ago & the doctor said that my blood was excellent. Well, about 2 weeks ago I was bitten by a brown recluse spider on my knee. I went to the doctor & she confirmed that it was a brown recluse bite. (I also took the dead spider with me & she confirmed that it was a brown recluse) The bite left a small lump under my skin & was little sore, but the doctor said that my blood did an excellent job of healing the bite on its own in fighting off the poison. I've made a believer out of quite a few people now on the benefits of wheat & barley grass. I also cleared up a small patch of skin poison on my cheek last summer by soaking a piece of folded up tissue with wheatgrass & placing it under a band aid. It completely healed after only 3 days. Before I did this, the doctor wanted to cut the patch out of my skin. I told him to wait & let me try something else first. :) Thanks for your products !!! Thanks for my good health. 

 - Charlie

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