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The Food Pantrie hanging food dehydrator is the perfect way to dry foods naturally without electricity. Hangable. Silent. Much less expensive to purchase and operate than electric dehydrators. Five 13" square drying trays. Great for food storage.

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Hanging Food Pantrie - Air / Solar Food Dehydrator

  • Handy Pantry Brand
  • New improved design with high grade straps
  • Dry foods inexpensively and naturally without electricity
  • Great addition to food storage & emergency preparedness supplies
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great for drying fruits, vegetables, jerky & more
  • Trays can be used to sprout and grow wheatgrass

The Food Pantrie hanging food dehydrator is the perfect way to dehydrate foods naturally without electricity. Costs a fraction of electric food dryers. It takes no electricity to run with is environmentally friendly and less expensive. Suitable for all types of fruits and vegetables. Also great for jerky. Can be used to sprout seeds and wheatgrass.

The Food Pantrie dehydrator also makes an important addition to your emergency food storage program as a way to preserve foods by drying them naturally without electricity.


  • Five Drying Trays - 13" x 13"
  • Solar / Air drying
  • No electricity, fans or noise
  • No ongoing cost of operation
  • By drying foods naturally, 95% of the enzymes are retained
  • Complete instruction book included
  • Doubles as a seed sprouter & wheat grass growing trays
  • Dries food naturally, without electricity
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use
  • Folds up to 3" x 16" x 16" for easy storage
  • Dishwasher safe trays

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