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    Generic brand teflon coated dryer sheets for use with Excalibur food dehydrators. 5 mm thick, durable, flexible and more affordable than brand name options. 14" by 14". Can be cut down to fit trays of smaller dimensions. Re-usable.

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    Generic Food Dehydrator Non-stick Drying Sheets

    These flexible 14" x 14" sheets are 5 millimeters in thickness and made to work specifically with Excalibur model food dehydrators. Models: 3500, 2500, 4500220, 4526T200, 3926T, 3900, 2900, 4926T220, 4900220, 3526T, ED 600, ED 900, ED 300 and 500 series. They are unbranded / generic and are much cheaper than brand name options and work just as well. They are durable and teflon coated.

    They can be cut down with scissors or a razor blade to fit smaller machines.


    • Easy to clean and reusable for years
    • Wash with a soapy cloth or sponge, rinse & dry
    • Fruit Leathers & rollups
    • Taffies
    • Crackers
    • Jerky, more.

    Made for use in Excalibur Dehydrators. See Also: Paraflexx Premium and Paraflexx Ultra brand name dryer sheets.