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    This growing stand will hold a total of 4 trays of grass and has four lights. It is 2-tiers high and 2 rows wide. It comes also with built in grow lights, casters and  four water collection trays. Available on in chrome color. Perfect for wheatgrass trays.

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    Wheatgrass Growing Stand / Rack - Wide Configuration - 2 Trays on 2 Rows

    Please note: This product may take between 5 and 15 days to ship!

    The 'Perfect' Fit for four trays of wheatgrass!
    • The highest quality shelving unit we have found, but requires a longer time to ship!
    • Two shelves with two trays per shelf
    • Four tan 22" x 11" drain trays
    • Two 48 inch, 40 watt plant grow lights built in
      • Two lamp fixtures
      • Four 40 watt wide spectrum lamps included
    • Available in chrome color only.
    • 40"H x 52"W x 12"D
    • Wheatgrass trays fit this growing stand perfectly
    • Aluminum struts
    This growing rack is the perfect way to grow and rotate trays of wheatgrass, barleygrass or microgreens.  The wide configuration has 2 tray by 2 levels high.  The built in drip trays and grow light make this an ultra convenient and efficient way to grow indoors.  A great solution for those ready to get serious about growing wheatgrass, barlygrass or anything.