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12 ounce bag of refined food grade gypsum tofu coagulant. Enough to make over 70 lbs of tofu! Gypsum is also called 'terra alba' or calcium sulfate. Gypsum is favored by the Chinese in their tofu making process and yields a slightly firmer tofu.


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Food Grade Gypsum Tofu Coagulant

Also Called: Terra Alba & Calcium Sulfate


  • 12 Oz. of refined, food grade gypsum

Gypsum (yes the same stuff they use to make drywall) is naturally occurring calcium sulfate. Our gypsum is refined and food safe for use as a tofu coagulant. Gypsum is the traditional ingredient used by the Chinese as their tofu coagulant (as opposed to Nigari, which is favored by the Japanese)

In addition to gypsum, you could choose from many other options as a tofu coagulant. As mentioned above, the Japanese favor nigari, but you could also use, food grade epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and vinegar. In the tofu kits we sell, we recommend the use of lemon juice becasuse it is easily obtained, inexpensive and plentiful. Lemon juice works as well as other coagulants. We don't include a coagulant in our kits to keep the price low with you providing your own lemon juice or vinegar.

If you want to use the more traditional Chinese technique for making tofu, this Gypsum is what you want. Gypsum is a strong coagulant that will begin to curdle your hot soymilk immediately and will yield a slightly firmer tofu. It is comparable to lemon juice in this regard.

To use gypsum as a coagulant disolve 3 teaspoons of gypsum into about half a cup of hot water, and stir quickly but gently into about 2 quarts of hot soymilk, and allow to curdle and stand for 15 minutes before transferring to a tofu press. Yields over a pound of fresh tofu, depending on firmness.

This 12 oz bag of gypsum is enough to make well over 70 lbs of tofu.

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