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    The MicroGlow 14w is a fourteen watt LED grow light that covers 2.5 to 4.5 square feet. It is a lower brightness LED plant grow light that is ideal for growers looking to green up 1-2 flats of wheatgrass at a time. Low electricity use and emits no heat.


    MicroGlow 14 LED Plant Grow Light

    Dual Band: Red/Blue

    • Perfect for growing wheatgrass, microgreens, herbs, seedlings & more
    • Great for hydroponics and aquaponics
    • Covers 2.5 Square Feet as primary lighting (hang 24" above plants)
    • Covers 4.5 Square Feet as supplemental lighting (hang 60" above plants)
    • 14 Watts
    • Hanging chains included
    • Ideal for greening up 1-2 flats of wheatgrass & microgreens at a time
    Perfect for seedlings, clones & supplemental lighting.  A favorite among wheatgrass, microgreens and herb growers.  Great for aquariums too! 

    The MicroGlow LED grow light consumes up to 80% less energy than HPS & Metal Halide grow lights and emits virtually no heat. The MicroGlow 14w covers 2.5 square feet as primary lighting 4.5 square feet as supplemental light. Grow Panels work great for seedlings & clones or to provide additional light to you garden. A favorite among wheatgrass & microgreen growers. The MicroGlow is a plug and play grow light - it works right out of the box. There are no ballasts or reflectors needed. Hanging kit included. 120v, 1 year warranty.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Wattage Power - 14w
    • Socket - 120 Voltage - US Standard
    • Beam Angle - 180 Degree
    • Dimensions - 12.20" x 12.20" x 2"
    • Color Ratio - Red & Blue 165:60
    • Red Wavelength: 660 nm
    • Blue Wavelength: 465 nm
    • Working Temp - 68 F. ~ 104 F.
    • Working Time - 10-14 Hours / day
    • Net Weight - Approx. 2 LBS
    • Warranty - 1 years

    MicroGlow LED Grow Light Benefits:

    • Up to 80% energy savings vs. Metal Halide & HPS grow lights
    • Suitable for all stages of growth. Seed to Flower to Fruit 
    • Discreet - virtually no heat emitted
    • 50,000+ hour lifecycle
    • Green Product - No Harmful substances- Environmentally friendly)
    • Proven results (view the image galleries throughout the site)


    • Home Enthusiasts
    • Schools / Universities
    • Urban & Indoor Gardeners
    • Wheatgrass, Microgreens, Herbs
    • House Plants
    • Seedlings & Clones
    • Primary Plant Lighting
    • Supplemental Plant Lighting

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    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:


    The panels arrived today. They are twice as bright as the ones I got from LED Wholesalers. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks again for the fast shipping and turning this into a positive buying experience.


    The GlowPanel is much brighter in person than on your website. I am seeing spots and my plants are doing great.