Grow Lights for Wheatgrass, Microgreens, Herbs, Seedlings & More

LED grow lights provide your plants and wheatgrass with the perfect blend of light spectrum suitable for all stages of growth and are used worldwide by growers ranging from home enthusiasts to large commercial greenhouses. Whether you are a large or small grower, domestic or abroad we have a led grow light for you.

Up to 80% energy savings vs. MH & HPS grow lights • Fast growth - large yields • Discreet - virtually no heat emitted • Suitable for all stages of growth. Seed to Flower to Fruit • LED grow lights have a 50,000+ hour life cycle • Zero maintenance costs - No bulbs to replace... ever • Green Product - Environmentally friendly • Perfect for wheatgrass, microgreens, herbs, and all plants.

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14 watt growing light
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Item #: WGK-SG-07-14W -

24 LED Plant Grow Light PanelDual Band: Red/BluePerfect for growing wheatgrass, microgreens, herbs, seedlings & moreGreat for hydroponics and aquaponicsCovers 2.5 Square Feet as primary lighting (hang 24" above plants)Covers 4.5 Square Feet as supplemental lighting (hang 60" above plants)24 WattsHanging chains includedIdeal for greening up 1-2 flats of wheatgrass & microgreens at a timePerfect for seedlings, clones & supplemental lighting. A favorite among wheatgrass, microgreens and herb...

LED Grow Light 36 Watt Screw-in Bulb
Price: $53.95
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Item #: WGK-SG-BGL-12W -

36 Watt LED Grow Light - Screw in BulbThe energy efficient 36 Watt LED Screw-in Bulb fits into any standard light socket making it the most versatile LED grow light on the market today. It showers your plants with light for fast, vigorous growth. Consuming only 36 watts, this LED grow light rivals the output of a 150 watt Metal Halide or HPS grow light. Suitable for all stages of growth, this bulb also gives off minimal heat so close proximity will not damage plant(s).Technical...

50 Watt LED Grow Light Panel 45 Watt, LED light, plant light, plant lamp
Price: $132.59
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Item #: WGK-SG-07-45W -

50w LED Plant Grow Light by Handy Pantry Our Most Popular LED Grow Light!Covers up to 5 Square Feet (3 to 4 trays) as primary lighting (hang 36 inch distance from plants)Covers up to 12 Square Feet as supplemental lighting (hang 60 inch distance from plants)Replaces 250W MH/HPS grow lampsDual Band LED: Red & BlueThe 50w is a full cycle grow light and showers your plants in light suitable for all stages of growth. Covering 5 square feet, the panel can be used as a stand alone plant light or it...

Mini Greenhouse Nanodome sunblaster, greenhouse, seed starter, grow light, indoor garden, flower, herb
Price: $52.99
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Item #: WGK-G-ND -

Mini Greenhouse Nanodome - Indoor Garden Flower & Herb Planter Mini Greenhouse Propagation System NanoDome Tray Cover with Adjustable Air Vents 18" Full Spectrum Grow Light Quadruple thick 10" x 20" Plant Tray Twice as thick as standard trays Great for Wheatgrass, Herbs, Microgreens, & More The NanoDome Mini Greenhouse from SunBlaster is an all-in-one solution for indoor gardening.  The extra thick 10x20 tray provides excellent support for common soil based and...

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