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    The lotus LBU100 home sanitizing system by Tersano is a revolutionary, all natural way to clean, disinfect, deodorize, remove stains and pesticides without harsh chemicals. Kills over 99.9% of common germs using natural ozonated water. Environmentally friendly.


    Lotus LBU100 Home Sanitizing & Disinfecting System by Tersano

    Ozonized Water System for Chemical Free Cleaning & Sanitizing
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    The revolutionary Lotus LBU100 Sanitizing System by Tersano allows you to use tap water to treat and disinfect your home by converting it into an ozonated, effective sanitizer that safely eliminates molds, germs, odors, stains, mildew & pesticides -- with no harsh or unnatural chemicals. Water treated with the lotus lbu100 kills 99.9% of germs on any surface.
    Lotus Home Sanitizing System Benefits: 
    • Safely ozonizes regular tap water
    • Kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria
    • Works much faster than bleach, with no odor
    • Save hundreds of dollars a year on cleaning supplies
    • The Lotus System pays for itself quickly in savings
    • Powerful, chemical free ozonized water to sanitize, disinfect and clean
    • Chemical free
    • A solution for people with sensitivity to chemicals and allergies
    • Disinfect and sanitize safely around infants, kids and pets
    • Kills germs on meats & produce
    • Improves flavor and shelf life of fruits and vegetables
    • Kills mildew and molds
    • Cleans tough stains
    • Great as a final rinse for produce, microgreens and sprouts
    • Reduces harmful pesticides and chemicals on produce
    • Maximim environmentally friendly
    • Approved by the FDA, USDA and EPA
    The Lotus LBU100 Home Sanitizing System Includes:
    • Base Unit
    • Spray Bottle
    • Multipurpose Bowl
    • 2 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
    • Booster Cartridge
    NOTE: The Tersano Lotus LSR100 is no longer offered. It has been replaced by the upgraded LBU100. These units are very similar. the LBU100 fixes a few minor bugs present in the LSR100 and has a wider, more stable base.

    How to Use Your lotus® Home Cleaning System
    The system has two main functions:
    • sanitize and clean surfaces using ozonated water with the spray a bottle
    • kill germs and remove pesticides from foods and small objects by immersing in ozonated water in the bowl
    Sensors are built into the Lotus Home liquefied ozone process that monitor the ozonation to verify that it occurs properly in every cycle. The LED meter shows 100 percent once the tap water has been fully ozonated. The unit counts down the 15 minute window for maximum sanitizing and warns you with an beep.

    The Spray Bottle
    Ozonates tap water in about two minutes, the liquefied ozone is ready to clean, sanitize and remove stains for fifteen minutes.

    The Multi-purpose Bowl
    Ozonates tap water in about four to eight minutes to remove pesticides and kill germs. By eliminating viruses, bacteria and pesticides, the lotus sanitizing system enhances flavors and extends shelf life of produce. Kills more bacteria than rinising under the tap. 

    Lotus Home Sanitizing System Pluses:
    • Streak free with zero residues
    • Destroys odors without masking- fragrance-free
    • Kills bacteria that cause food to decay, increasing shelf life up to 400%
    • Destroys pesticides
    • Improves the taste of foods or other edible products
    Ozonated Sanitation & Cleaning & Deoderizing for:
    • Counter Tops
    • Microwave/Appliances
    • Faucets
    • Carpet, Fabric & Upholstery Stain Remover
    • Walls
    • Mirrors/Windows 
    • Waste baskets
    • Musty odors
    • Smoke
    • Pet areas
    • Athletic Equipment & running shoes
    • Mold & Mildew
    Lotus® LBU100 Home Cleaning System Frequently Asked Questions
    How does the lotus Home Cleaning System Work?
    It cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and removes stains using ordinary tap water. The lotus® patented Oxyshield® technology ozonates cold tap water with an extra oxygen atom, making a powerful, all natural sanitizer which kills viruses & bacteria, and neutralizes odors and pesticides.
    How Do I Know It Is Working?
    Built in sensors monitor and report that the Oxyshield® technology ozonation process occurs in every cycle to safely make one of the most powerful, all-natural sanitizing agents around. The meter on the lotus machine will reach one hundred percent when your tap water has been fully ozonated. Tested and proven by many of the top labs and universities across the country.

    How long does the lotus water stay charged in the Spray Bottle?
    It takes about 2 minutes to ozonate water for up to 45 minutes to clean.  EPA compliant as a sanitizer – able to kill up to 99.999 percent of common germs.
    What Type of Water Should I Use?
    COLD municipally treated water. Alternatively, you can use filtered or purified water.
    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Removed Stubborn Stains

    <p>Another person from our office has a positive testimonial on your lotus Cleaning System. They were able to take out stains in a carpet that was there for several years. They had previously tried to get the stain out by professional cleaners and it didn't work. Your lotus water did the trick.</p>

    Absolutely Love It


    I am writing to you regarding the lotus Home Cleaning System. I have had it in Home for a few months now and I absolutely love it! I can't believe how great it works using only water! First of all, I had some stains (red paint on a beige carpet and grease stains on my white stove top) that I thought I would never be able to remove, especially after using many other products. I used the lotus spray bottle and the stains came out perfectly with just a little elbow grease! I also use this product everyday to sanitize things like countertops, appliances, my son's highchair and bathrooms. I use it to take away odors by spraying into diaper pails and the areas where my dogs sleep, and also in other rooms just to give them a fresh clean smell. I use the lotus bowl every time I come home from the grocery store to clean all of my fruits and veggies. I find my fruits and veggies last longer too. Having two young sons at home I find this product is wonderful because I don't have to worry about them breathing in harmful chemicals. It works great on their toys. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is contemplating buying it. You won't be disappointed!