Earn Rewards Points for Every Dollar You Spend!

Here at wheatgrasskits.com, we are always trying to figure out how to make our customers even happier with their order.  Introducing our Loyalty Points Rewards Program!  For every dollar you spend in our store (excluding shipping costs), you earn rewards points that are automatically added and stored on your account.  When you add items to your cart, you will see a message on the view cart screen that lets you know how many points that you will earn with that particular purchase.

After you have made a purchase, rewards points that you have earned will then be immediately available to use for your next or future purchases.  Save up enough points, and you could literally pay for an entire order with rewards points without the need to spend a penny of your own money!

To use your points, simply add your desired items to your cart and click the checkout button.  After you log in to your account in checkout, fill in all needed shipping information, simply click the "Rewards Points" payment method in the payment area.  This box will show you how many points that you have available to use, and an input box to put in the amount of points that you want to use.  After you type in the amount of points desired, be sure to click the "apply" button!

And that's it!  Again we thank you for your loyalty in shopping with us here at Wheatgrasskits.com, and hope to see you again!