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    The Miracle Pro MJ575 is a commercial grade electric and stainless steel juicer specifically for wheatgrass and other leafy greens. It is a great choice for juice bars and other high volume application. All stainless steel construction. Free Ground Shipping.


    Miracle Pro Green Machine Wheatgrass Juicer - MJ575


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    The Miracle Pro green Machine Juicer is the fantastic, electric juicer specifically made for wheat grass and other leafy greens. Great for the heavy wheatgrass juice enthusiast as well as for use in commercial applications like juice bars. The commercial grade miracle pro green wheatgrass & leafy green juicer body and juicing parts are all stainless steel for strength and purity. Its unique, new auger design ensures maximum juice yield with the driest waste pulp. The juicer features a specially geared down, ultra-quiet, low rpm motor with unique forward and reverse action so that grass that may become tangled and clogged is instantly untwisted and pulled into the juicer without the user having to reach into the mechanism.

    The Miracle Pro Green Machine MJ575 is easy to operate, and easy to clean!

    • New Design Stainless Steel Auger
    • Geared-down Motor for Power Juicing & Low Foaming
    • Juicer Output approximately 2 oz. per minute
    • Stainless Steel Housing, Auger & Body on Juicer
    • Unique Dual Stainless Steel Screen System
    • Instruction Booklet with Recipes to use with Juicer
    • N.S.F. certified for commercial use
    • Miracle Pro Green Machine Technical Data
    • Power supply 110 V AC 50Hz
    • Power input under load 75W, geared down to produce a torque of 183lbs/cm
    • Rated speed 53 rpm
    • Insulation class E
    • Radio interference level Undetectable
    • Weight 20.25 lbs
    • NSF Certified for commercial juicing
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Parts & Accessories Included:

    • Juicer Base
    • Juicing Screen
    • Auger
    • Gasket
    • Housing Cap
    • Wrench
    • Wing Nuts
    • Pusher / Plunger

    Be sure to grab a wheatgrass kit with your new juicer!

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    works ok except I think it needs a new screen I bought it last year and use it for myself I juice 2 ozs. in the morning 20zs. in afternoon grow my own wheatgrass,but seems like it is getting much juice out of my trays and I grow huge 18in, by 26in trays