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GSE Liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract for wheatgrass mold control. 100% natural liquid extract of grapefruit seeds suspended in vegetable glycerine, without alcohol, solvents, or chemicals. 1 squirt inhibits mold in wheatgrass. 2 or 4 oz. sizes.


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Wheatgrass Mold Control

Original GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid Concentrate by NutriBiotic (Choose 2 or 4 oz. size)

Depending on your climate (hotter, more humid areas) you may notice that your flats of wheatgrass develop some mold at the root line. We have found that grapefruit seed extract (suspended in pure vegetable glycerin) will prevent or inhibit mold from taking hold in your trays of wheatgrass.

You can control mold in your growing trays by adding 1 squirt (approx 10 to 15 drops) of grapefruit seed extract (mold control) to the soak water when you soak your wheat prior to sowing. We have found that this is extremely effective at eliminating or minimizing mold growing in wheatgrass and barleygrass.

Wheatgrass mold control is a 100% natural liquid extract of grapefruit seeds and pulp. It is suspended in vegetable glycerin, without alcohol, solvents, or chemicals. We have found that it is a powerful mold retardant and thus very useful to wheatgrass growers!

Other Ingredients: Grapefruit seed extract, & vegetable glycerin.

This grapefruit seed extract is made as a dietary supplement with a recommended dose of 5 to 15 drops diluted in juice or water. We like to use it when we feel a cold coming on and have found that it can blunt the impact of the cold and often shorten the duration.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas. Do not use full strength in mouth.

Summertime Wheatgrass Growing Tips

HEAT:Soaking……sometimes it gets so hot in the summertime that the seed will actually spoil in the water.The solution is to soak less time (8 hours) or put the seed in a bowl and cover with water….put the bowl in the refrigerator and soak 8 to 12 hours.

HEAT:Wheat likes coolness.If it is extremely hot where you live, (summer) sometimes the root system will rot.Pull up the whole root system, look underneath it….it should be white.If you have brown spots or the whole thing has turned brown, it has begun to rot or rotted.Once this happens, the grass will stop growing and you will also have lots of mold.

Keeping the paper towels sopping wet.If the paper towels on top of the wheat dries out and allows the little root hairs to dry out, the grass won’t all come up properly.

After soaking the wheat, drain water out of bowl, cover with wet paper towel and

Sprout on top of the counter(not in refrigerator) *mistake on video

If your wheat is spouted, ready to plant, and you don’t feel like planting at that very

moment, you can refrigerate for a day or two before planting.They will hardly grow at

all in the refrigerator.

If you are going out of town for a week you can refrigerate your whole flat of wheat and it will still be pretty when you return.(Water well before leaving).If after the flat is

fully grown, you can refrigerate it and it will last longer.


Wheat is subject to mold. There are some things you can do to prevent it.

1). Put grapefruit seed-pulp extract (1 dropperful) into your soak water

2) Water the first time after uncovering with 1 Tablespoonful of Real Salt in 1/2 gal. water --sprinkle on

3) direct a slow fan towards your grass while growing

4) water from the bottom (in the drip tray)

If you still have mold on the bottom when the grass is 6 inches tall, go ahead and cut what you are going to juice, put the cut grass in a big strainer and power rinse. The mold rinses right off.

Making your water have a ph of 6 or 5.5 also helps.

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

Fungus /Mold

I soaked my seeds in spring water and this grape seed oil extract as instructed 4 to 5 times now. Every time I remove the paper towels after they have sprouted the bottom is lined with fungus? or mold. Looks like a very thin layer of white cotton candy. every.single. time.