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Hand crank multi-purpose grain mill. Grinds flour (medium coarse to cracked), rolls oats, and makes cereal flakes. Does not do fine flour. A great addition to food storage to convert grains to usable food: rolled oats, sprouted cereal flakes, etc...


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Hand Crank / Manual Grain Mill / Oat Roller / Cereal Flaker

Model: Atlas 8308

This hand crank grain mill and seed flaker is perfect for making your own cereal from grain. It is an excellent addition to any food storage. The mill is easy to use, store and clean. It clamps to most counter tops. It is a versatile machine that makes rolled oats, cereal flakes and coarse flour.

The hand crank grain grinder / mill is outstanding as a cereal flaker or oat roller and that for that use we couldn’t recommend it more highly. As a straight grain grinder, it does a great job with medium coarse to cracked grains, but doesn't grind fine. If you are interested in our top recommendation for a manual grinder look at the Victorio Hand Grinder or the Electric K-Tec Kitchen Mill.

  • Flour - Grind grains and seeds into flour with settings from coarse to cracked. Doesn't do super fine flour well.
  • Rolled Oats & Grains - Soft grains like oat groats can easily be rolled into oatmeal by setting the mill to disengage the third roller. Use this setting on hard grains for cracked grains.
  • Cereal Flaker - Turn newly sprouted grains into nutritious breakfast cereal flakes.

This machine is a wonderful addition to food storage as it converts your stored grains to usable foods in many different ways.

You might also be interested in Organic Wheat, Spelt, Triticale & Oat Groats to grind / roll in your new grain Mill.

This grain mill is the same basic model as the Norpro (Shule) grain mill, which we used to carry. The Mercato is made from the exact same design, but is much sturdier and durable than the now discontinued Norpro.

Additional information:

- Full Selection of Grain and Seed
- Bulk Sprouting Seed