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    The Omega VERT Juicer model VRT330W HD has the same features as the VRT330, but with heavy duty auger and screen for better durability. It only does juice but it does every juice quite well including carrots, vegetables and fruit. Free Ground Shipping.

    Omega HD VRT330 White HD VRT330 + Wheatgrass Kit

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    Omega Vert VRT330W Multipurpose Slow Juicer - White

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    Note: The Omega VRT330W HD was formerly known as the Omega VRT330. They are the same machine by two names. 

    The Omega HD VERT Juicer model is a revolutionary design, the foot print is very small and clean up is very easy! The Omega Vertical Juicer combines the best juicers into one! Please see the reviews about how well the Omega Vert works!  This is one of our favorite straight juicers (doesn't do pasta, nut butters, etc...).  As a straight juicer it is tough to beat this choice and it does wheatgrass very well.

    Available with or without our organic wheatgrass kit.

    Color: White - See the VRT350 HD for black & chrome color (same juicer, different color).

    The Omega VRT330W HD is the same as the original VRT 330, except that the fine hole strainer/screen material has been upgraded to Ultem.  The large hole screen remains unchanged. The regular VRT 330 is no longer available. All of the Verts (330 and 350) are Heavy Duty (HD).


    • Convenience and Quality - The convenience of a centrifugal juicer with the efficiency and quality juice of a single auger juicer all in the Omega Vert
    • Rated for Home & Commercial Use - A powerful juicer that can even hold up under continuous juicing environments - (UL) Household and Commercial Approval
    • Low Speed Juicing System - two stage juicer design crushes then squeezes your fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and soybeans. This juicing method preserves all of the natural color, taste, nutrients and vitamins
    • Self Cleaning System - simply pour water through the omega vert juicer between juicing different fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and more.
    • Slow Speed Juicer - The Omega Vertical Juicer has 70 RPM for peak efficiency
    • High Yield - Efficient juicer that ejects pulp that is surprisingly dry
    • Continuous Juicing - A sperate container for juice and pulp for non-stop juice production
    • GE Ultem Auger with Crushing Ribs at the top support the initial crushing stage of juicing
    • Equivalent to a 2 HP Juicer Motor
    • Commercial Condenser Brushless Motor
    • 10 Year Warranty on the Omega Vert VRT330 Juicer
    • Omega Juicer includes: fine and coarse strainers, two pulp ejection plugs, auto-cleaning brush, two 60 oz. juicing cups with handles, pusher, cleaning brush, and instruction manual
    • ***Does not do Nut Butters, and doesn't juice celery well- If you want to do nut butters as well as the juices we recommend the Omega 8006
    Parts Included:
    • Juicer motor base
    • GE Ultem (Heavy Duty) dual stage juicer screen
    • GE Ultem (Heavy Duty) auger
    • Bowl & extraction plug
    • Self cleaning screen holder
    • Juicing Cups - Two 32 fl. oz. 
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Tamper
    • Instruction Book

    Other Omega Juicer Information:

    Questions: call us at 1-866-948-4727 during regular business hours

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Omega Vert HD VRT330


    About Me;

    40 to 50 age demographic
    Uncomfortable in a kitchen
    Likes tools that cut time, easy maintenance, simple to clean up.

    I have tried the fast and slow grinding juicers, but this juicers is by far, the best.

    It has two screen baskets. One for juice with minimum pulp and the second one with full pulp, or maybe closer to a sauce, because when juicing apples with the large holed basket, you get apple sauce. Either way, using the small holed basket, or the larger holed basket, the amount of juice that is actually juiced is at least 2x more than the other juicers, I have tried. I have had it for about 1 year. I use the juicer about 3 to 4 times a week. I like the clean up. Soap and water and a bottle brush to clean the screens takes about 3 minutes, tops. Nothing has broken yet.

    Not much to break.
    You have; the main body, the main basket( you see in the photo's with the two spouts), a cage basket (that has built in wipers to take the 'mud' away from the outer side of the inner screen basket). The the inner screen basket ( 2 types). The grinder that rests on the metal nub from the motor (the grinder piece is heavy pastic, or possibly ceramic, due to its beefy weight). Then you have the top part. All pieces have a dot to line the parts up, except the grinder. Just rotate it around until you feel it drop into place, as the motors' nub shaft it rests on is square.

    This product has forward and reverse. I rarely use reverse. When the unit is on, it pulls the carrots, celery, etc. into the unit. If I feel something is lodged in the input/feeder tube, I use the plunger that comes with it.

    With the other juicers I have tried, the plunger is 'the' essential tool to ram the veggies into the juicer, here, I rarely use it. The opening is suffiecent, as we all have knives to cut the veggies down to size and toss them in. The average carrot and celery stick, no cutting is required. The stringy part of the celery jams, or gets compressed in the waste outlet. Remove the outer strings before you toss it in. It will be the least preparation you have to do with this unit. If you leave the strings on, the celery will NOT stop the juicing function, it will only affect your total time to clean up, as now you must surgically remove the packed in frayed celery strings. A #2 Phillips (star) screw driver releases the screw holding the rubber stopper, thus relasing the celery pulp.

    Not many parts with this unit asociated with the juicing function. When I make the super fine apple sauce, I core the apple, chop the apple, into (top view, looking down) 6 piece pie sections and toss them in with the skin on. The apple skin does not make it out to the apple sauce. It is ported to the refuse port basket.

    I recommend this to friends all the time. The price is worth it.