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    Complete Enokitake mushroom growing kit. A veritable forest of small capped, long stemmed Enokitake mushrooms (Flammulina populicola)—often too numerous to count. Certified Organic.


    Organic Enokitake Mushroom Growing Kit

    • Certified Organic
    • Fun & Easy to Grow
    • Makes a Great Hobby

    Grow your own Enokitake Mushrooms. A small capped, long stemmed Enokitake mushroom (Flammulina populicola)—grow in huge bunches, sometimes being hard to count. Long favored by the Japanese and known by North Americans as The Winter Mushroom, this species is delightful to grow and eat. Grow in a 40-60° F environment for best results. (To activate, simply place it in your refrigerator.) Freezing does not harm this mushroom. Certified Organic!

    Most Popular Recipe: Traditionally used for soups, and salads. 
    They have a fruity flavor and a crisp texture.

    Each Enokitake Mushroom Growing Kit consists of pure mushroom mycelium growing on a sterilized medium, or substrate. The substrate used will vary, depending on the mushroom being grown.

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