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We started feeding our beagle "Toad" barleygrass powder. She perked right up and was able to jump up into the car whereas before, she unable to. Not long ago, our cousins had some cats that we grew wheatgrass for, they loved it, they played in it for hours. See some pictures under the pet grass kit. Birds also love sprouted seed. These products are a way for you to feed your pets living foods all year round!

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Barley Cat - Powder Grass Juice for Cats pet supplements, pet grass, petgrass, wheatgrass, healthy greens, vitamins for pets, minerals, pet health, healthy pets, cats, cat, healthy
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Barley Cat - Barley Grass Pet Health Supplement by Green Foods Advanced nutrition for cats and petsCats want nutrients from grasses - Give them what they crave!Sprinkle or mix 1 teaspoon of Barley Cat into or on pet foodBioavailable nutrition for superior pet health3 oz. bottleBarley Cat by Green Foods is the only pet supplements made with organically grown barley grass juice. Dogs and Cats instinctively eat fresh green grass, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The problem with...

Barley Dog - Powdered Grass Juice for Dogs Powdered Barley Grass Juice Dietary Supplement
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Barley Dog by Green Foods - Barley Grass Juice Powder Supplement for Dogs & Pets Advanced nutrition for dogs of all sizesDogs crave grass nutrients - give them what they crave!Sprinkle or mix into pet food:1 teaspoon daily for small dogs2 teaspoons daily for large dogsLoaded with bioavailable nutrients for pet healthAvailable in 2 sizes:11 Oz.3 Oz.BarleyDog is the only powdered supplements made with organically grown Barley Grass juice. Dogs and Cats instinctively eat fresh green grass, which...

16 oz - Organic Bird Seed Mix
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Organic Birdseed Mix - Serve Dry or Sprouted Perfect as dry seed, or soaked and sprouted. Birds love sprouted seed!This blend of certified organic seeds is ideal for bird nutrition. And best of all your birds will love it. Serve to your birds as dry seeds or sprouted seeds. To sprout, simply soak the seed mix immersed in water over night, and drain using a colander or one of our sprouting trays or sprouting jars. Rinse the seeds twice over the next day. You don't want to let the sprouts grow...

Organic Dog & Cat Pet Grass Kit pet grass, wheatgrass for pets, wheatgrass for cats, wheatgrass for dogs
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Organic Pet Wheatgrass Kit / Ornamental Grass Kit Certified Organic Cats & Dogs Love Wheatgrass! Easy & Fun to Grow A great option to grow wheatgrass for decorative / ornamental purposes Weddings, table center pieces, interior decoration, more The Pet Wheatgrass Kit Includes: 5 lbs. of Certified Organic Wheatgrass seed5 Trays (10"x10")1 Bag of Organic SoilComprehensive step-by-step growing instructions For Use as a Decorative Ornamental Kit:Whether the snow is still blowing outside or your...

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