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2.5 pound resealable bag of Italian imported raw almonds. Freshly packed and ideal for making almond milk, almond butter and any recipe that calls for almonds. Not subjected to high temps. Raw & Certified Organic.

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Organic Raw Almonds - 2.5 Lbs

  • 2.5 Lb. Resealable Bag
  • Raw, Non-GMO, Certified Organic
  • Imported from Italy
  • Unpasteurized, truly raw.
  • Perfect for making Almond Milk
  • Also great for eating raw, toasting, making almond butter, use in recipes, more.

These imported Italian almonds have not been subjected to high temperatures that destroy the vital enzymes. Certified organic, unpasteurized and genuinely, truly raw. Perfect for making almond milk, grinding into almond meal, making almond butter or any recipe that calls for almonds.

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