The perfect way to get started in sprouting! We have put together a few of our favorite methods of sprouting and our favorite seeds into full and complete sprouting kits.  Each sprouting kit comes with instructions and everything you need to begin sprouting.

We have a Deluxe Sprouting Kit for those ready to get serious about sprouting. For beginners, our 3 Jar Sprouting Kit and Basic Sprouting Kit are great choices.  The Basic Kit includes our favorite sprouter and a small assortment of sprouting seed.  The Sprout Sack Kit is great for sprouting on for camping and other travel. 

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3 Jar Sprouting Kit
Price: $72.99
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Three Jar Sprouting Kit - Jar Sprouters & Seeds These 3 Jar Sprouting Kits from Handy Pantry are a perfect inexpensive way to get started with home sprouting. Not only do these jar sprouting kits offer a wide selection of sproutings seeds but also includes literature, jars, and lids. The perfect kit for those looking to get started with sprouters and wanting to try as many different kinds for sprouts as possible. When you purchase one of these kits you not only get 3 One-Quart Sprout Jars with...

Basic Tray Sprouting Kit
Price: $49.99
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Item #: WGK-BSKIT -

Organic Basic Sprouting Kit Everything you need to start growing fresh healthy sprouts in your own kitchen. This basic sprouting kit is the best way to get started in sprouting.  It includes instructions, a nice assortment of organic sprouting seeds, and the Handy Pantry Sprout Garden, the best stackable tray sprouter on the planet. We recommend tray sprouting as our preferred method to grow sprouts. The Handy Pantry sprouter can also be used to grow wheatgrass hydroponically!  This...

Deluxe Sprout Growing Kit sprouter kit, home seed sprouting kit
Price: $98.35
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Item #: WGK-DSK -

Deluxe Sprouting Kit Everything You Need to Grow Healthy Fresh Sprouts in Your Own Kitchen is in this home seed sprouts kit. This deluxe sprouter kit is the ultimate plunge into a serious sprouting setup. It includes an amazing twelve pounds of assorted certified organic sprouting seeds and the Handy Pantry sprout garden stackable tray sprouting system for growing sprouts. The sprout garden sprouter is our favorite sprouter due to it's space saving approach, durability, and versatility. An...

Handy Pantry Food Storage Sprouting Kit food storage kit, food storage sprouts
Price: $140.95
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Item #: WGK-FSSK -

Food Storage Sprouting Kit by Handy Pantry Looking for a healthy option for your food storage & emergency preparation? Handy pantry has made it possible with this food storage sprouts kit. In an emergency situation there is no better way to get living food out of your disaster food storage than with the deluxe food storage sprouting kit. The perfect addition to any emergency food storage / year supply of food. Add fresh grown, living, nutrient rich, healthy and delicious sprouts to your stored...

Sprout Sack Bag Sprouter
Price: $19.99
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The Sprout Sack - Bag Sprouting Kit from Handy Pantry Sprout Sack sprouting bags are great for easy sprouting of beans, grains and larger sprout seeds. Not a great choice for smaller seeds like alfalfa, as roots tend to grow through the material, but not a problem for the larger seeds. Simply dip bag in water to rinse, then hang to grow! These bags are great for sprouting while traveling. Hiking, camping and they are especially popular for RVs. Certified Organic Re-usable sprout bag Resealable...

Half Gallon Sprouting Jar with Seed
Price: $17.69
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Item #: WGK-HPSG -

Half Gallon Sprouting Jar Large jar to grow sprouts using the jar method. Includes a sprouting jar strainer lid, instructions printed on the label, and 8 Oz. of organic protein powerhouse sprouting seed in a resealable bag. Water-Proof Label Larger size great for families Made in the USA BPA Free! Certified Oraganic Handy Pantry 1/2 Gallon Sprout Jar Kit Includes: 1/2 Gallon Sprout Jar w/ Strainer Lid Sprout Jar Sprouting Instructions on label 8 Oz. pack of Organic Protein Powerhouse Sprouting...

Sprouting Jar - Quart Size with Seed
Price: $12.49
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Quart Sprouting Jar by Handy Pantry This quart sprouting jar includes a sturdy sprouting jar strainer lid and 2 Oz. of organic alfalfa seeds to get you started. Instructions are printed on the water-proof label. It's everything you need to learn and grow sprouts using the jar method. Use multiple jars to run multiple crops, or to have fresh sprouts maturing all the time. Made in the USA BPA Free Seed provided is Certified Organic Easy & Fun Handy Pantry Quart Sprouting Jar Includes: Handy...

Super Sampler Sprouting Seeds
Price: $38.99
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Item #: WGK-SSS-10 -

Sprouting Seed Super Sampler - Assortment of 10 Sprout Seeds Sample Ten 4 Oz Bags of 100% Certified Organic Sprouting seed, our top seller for beginner sprouters! This "Super" sprout seed sampler includes Ten 4 Oz Bags of 100% Certified Organic Sprout Seed Sampler. Alfalfa, Bean Salad Mix, 3 Part Salad Mix, 5 Part Salad Mix, Mung Bean, Green Lentil, Clover, Buckwheat, Broccoli & Radish. The perfect and inexpensive way to experiment and discover new sprouting flavors and combinations. Sprout...

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