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Raw Foods Permachart by Mindsource: Optimum Digestion Refernece Card. Improve your digestion using tips, foods, herbs and supplements. Info packed 4 page laminated reference guide. A great addition to any healthy kitchen.

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Optimal Digestion Reference Chart - Permacharts by Mindsource

Learn tips and techniques to improve your digestion, especially for vegans and vegetarians. This 4 page reference card is jam packed with info that will help you prepare more digestible foods, improve digestion and live a better healthier life.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR FOR Optimal Digestion Reference Chart Permachart:
Charmaine D. Mercado

  • What is digestion?
  • Signs of weak digestion
  • Causes of poor digestion
  • Enzymes & digestion
  • Know your enzymes
  • Why alkaline
  • Optimal diet
  • Tips for making raw foods more digestible
  • Supplements for healthy digestion
  • Foods, spices & herbs that promote digestion
  • 27 additional tips for improving digestion