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This book is the classic and original treatise on wheatgrass by Ann Wigmore. She wrote this book many years ago so the information is a little older, but some of the most inspiring messages on wheat grass come from this book.  Soft cover, 126 pages.

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The Wheatgrass Book

How to grow and use wheatgrass to maximize your health and vitality

By Ann Wigmore
Ann Wigmore is the living and raw foods nutrition pioneer who introduced the world to wheatgrass juice.  The Wheatgrass Book contains a wide array of information on wheat grass.  It covers the nutrient properties of wheatgrass, cultivation methods, harvesting and juicing techniques.  

Chapters include:

  • green power from wheatgrass
  • how wheatgrass chlorophyll works
  • super nutrition from wheatgrass
  • how to grow and juice wheatgrass
  • the many uses of wheatgrass.

Right from Ann Wigmore, the original source of wheatgrass juice as a health supplement, his is a must for the person serious about incorporating wheatgrass in their health routine

Softcover, 126 pages.