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This Black & Decker grinder is an inexpensive way to grind small quantities of flax into flax meal. Also grinds spices, seeds, salts, coffee, grains, seeds & more.  Plugs into regular electrical outlets. Powerful & fast. A great all around grinder.

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Black & Decker Electric Flax Seed Grinder

We use the Black and Decker grinder to grind flax seeds into flax meal.  It has lots of other uses, and it is a handy appliance to have around to be sure, but ground flax is our foremost use for it. We haven't found anything that grinds small quantities of flax seeds as well for the price.  Ground flax is a fantastic source of omega oils and fiber and also makes an amazing egg substitute in baking, due to its mucilaginous properties.  Ground Flax Seed can be sprinkled on salads, mixed with smoothie, or even eaten as a cereal.
  • Stainless steel grinder blades
  • Easy touch pulse control
  • Electrical power cord stow under unit
  • Great for grinding flax seeds
  • Grinds coffee, seeds, spices, grains & more.

this electric flax seed grinder grinds up flax seed into fine powder and does it very fast. You can also grind coffee beans, sesame seeds, salts, etc.  Be sure to check out of complete flax seed grinding kit.

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