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Pinon Pine Tree Growing Kit by Jonsteen. The Pinon Pine Tree is a small, manageable pine tree with steady controlled growth. Easy growing kit includes high germination seed and easy to follow instructions. Makes a great science project.


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Pinon Pine Tree Starter Kit with Seeds

The easiest and least expensive way to start trees from scratch. The high quality seed means you always get a tree and don't have to be a horticultural expert. Everything you need to start a healthy tree is included in this kit.

The Pinon pine is a small and slow growing pine with short needles. The wood makes a delicious smell as it burns and yields small shiny pine cones. Pinon pine makes a very controlled landscape tree that won't grow too quickly.

Each tree kit includes:

  • Mini Greenhouse
  • Growing Medium
  • Perlite
  • High Germination Seeds
  • Step by Step instructions.

Every tree growing kit will produce one or more viable saplings. Try any of our other tree kits.

There are many reasons to plant a tree:

  • A single tree can last for generations.
  • Kits are fun for the entire family.
  • Trees enhance the beauty of any landscape.
  • Show your commitment to preserve nature.