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Doh!!! We accidentally mixed several bags soft white wheat and spelt in with a pallet of our premium hard red wheatgrass sprouting seed. 10 Pack of premeasured Wheatgrass sprouting seed is regularly $19.99, but the whoops mix is only $12.99 while supplies last.


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Whoops Seed Mix

We are introducing our “Whoops” Wheatgrass Seed Mix at a blowout price while supplies last. 10 - 1lb Packs of Wheatgrass sprouting seed is regularly $19.99, but the whoops mix is $12.99.


Q – How much soft white wheat and/or spelt is mixed in?

A – Not a lot, but the mix is inconsistent. Some bags might have as much as 10% soft white or spelt, while other bags have much less.

Q – Does the Label indicate the mix?

A – No, it is labeled as hard red wheatgrass seed. All 3 varieties of wheat in the whoops mix are organic.

Q – What is soft white wheat?

A – Soft white wheat is just a different variety of wheat, commonly used in baking, especially in making pastries.

Q – What is spelt?

A – Spelt is yet another variety of wheat, reportedly an ancient species. The key difference is that that the individual seed looks exactly like wheat, only a little larger than a typical grain of hard red wheat.

Q – Can I grind the whoops mix into flour for baking?

A – Yes! In fact this wheat mix will grind into a nice multi-grain wheat flour.

Q – How does the woops mix sprout and grow?

A – We have done test grows and the germination and growth of grass look great. We are discounting the mix because we have carefully curated our hard red wheatgrass seed to find the best seed around for growing wheatgrass and the whoops mix is not our pure, premium quality wheat for wheatgrass. The mix is very good, but it’s not the simply not the best available. Below is a picture that a customer sent in comparing our standard hard red wheatgrass seed to seed he sourced from a competitor. We have always said that not all wheat is equal when it comes to growing wheatgrass, and you can see the difference for yourself:

"I have a 27 year old horse that got off her feed which in itself is not abnormal, 27 is old for a horse, but since I have had this horse since her birth in 1988 I didn't have the heart to watch her waste away by not eating. I had tried many things such as senior feeds ,treats with every meal and anything that would be palatable and easy to eat as she has lost most of her teeth. In the process of trying to locate a reasonably priced organic non GMO chicken food I found your Whoops mix, in sprouting for the chickens I tried bag sprouting for my horse. Started her on a small handful and worked up to a large bowl full and as long as her appetite continues to improve I will increase the amount, she is almost up to her old appetite levels and looks healthier than she has in months. Oh and by the way the chickens love these sprouts also they are also great for salads, soups, ect., anytime a crunchy snack is in order. Thanks for your whoops mix."

Gratefully Sharon 

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