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Raw Foods Permachart - Dehydration: This step-by-step instruction guide, with information pulled from books on food dehydration will help you to prepare delicious crackers, chips, fruit leathers and dried foods. 4 page laminated reference.  

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Food Dehydration Reference Guide - Permacharts by Mindsource

Learn to Prepare Dehydrated Living Food

Has the fear of learning how to use a food dehydrator prevented you from living the healthy lifestyle you crave? This step-by-step instruction guide will help you to prepare delicious dehydrated crackers, dehydrated chips, dehydrated fruit leathers quickly and easily for your entire family to enjoy. You will learn how to prepare healthy dehydrated snacks and meals that will ultimately save time, money and even satisfy your children. Get your copy today and join thousands of people who have already made the transition and are enjoying improved health and vitality.


Kelly Serbonich holds a B.S. in Culinary Nutrition and M.S. in Holistic Nutrition. She merged her conventional culinary training with her interest in holistic health as Executive Chef of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL. Kelly is the co-author of the Hippocrates Health Institute's guide to raw and living food preparation, Healthful Cuisine. The information contained in this chart is approved by the Hippocrates Health Institute and its director, Brian Clement

Dehydration Guide Table of Contents:
  • Introduction to food dehydration
  • How Food Dehydration Changes Food
  • What's Made in a Food Dehydrator
  • Why Dehydrate food?
  • Raw Food Dehydration Temperature
  • Can You Use Your Conventional Oven to dehydrate?
  • How Long Does It Take to dehydrate?
  • Selecting a Food Dehydrator
  • The Paraflexx Sheet in your food dehydrator
  • Flip It?
  • Dried Food Storage
  • How Long Will It Last?
  • Cautions of food dehydration
  • Dehydrated Food Recipes
  • Use Your Leftovers in your Food Dehydrator
  • Food Dehydrator Maintenance
  • Tips on Dehydrating Food