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3 Oz. mess free bottle of all natural, talc free redmond clay baby powder. Great for sensitive skin. Soothing, absorbent and free of chemicals, artifical fragrances, fillers or other troubling ingredients. Available in 1 or 12 bottles.

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Redmond Clay Baby Powder

3 Ounce Mess Free Shaker Bottle

If you are looking for an all natural, chemical free, talc free baby powder, look no further than Redmond Clay. Made from dry, finely ground montmorillionite clay powder, Redmond is gentle, absorbent and soothing for your baby's skin. No worries about allergies, skin irritation or anything un-natural.

  • Made from pure Bentonite / Montmorillionite Clay
  • Premium ingredients
  • No fillers, chemical, artificial fragrances or talc
  • Vegan / Vegetarian Safe
  • 3 oz. dispenser

Indications: Use like any baby powder

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