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    Add Redmond first aid to your medicine chest for relief of minor burns, cuts, insect bites, poison ivy, rashes and more. Made from pure hydrated redmond clay powder, experience the healing power of redmond clay. 4 oz. tube.

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    Redmond Hydrated Clay First Aid

    4 Ounce Tube

    Redmond First Aid is made from hydrated redmond clay powder (montmorillionite clay) and is rich in trace minerals. Use the clay mud for relief of minor cuts, burns, bruises, rashes, poision oak, poison ivy, insect stings & bites, blisters and dry, chapped, itchy skin. All natural, chemical free. Powerful skin healing.

    • Made from pure Montmorillionite / Bentonite Clay Powder
    • Hydrated Clay
    • No fillers or chemicals - pure hydrated redmond clay
    • Vegan / Vegetarian Safe
    • 4 oz. tube
    • Great addition to any first aid kit or medicine cabinet

    Indications: Apply to affected area.

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