Choose from the web’s largest selection of sprouters: Our top recommendation is the 3 Tray Sprout Garden Sprouter. It has the best overall design and the three tray sprouter allows you to grow three different types of sprouts at a time, and it is large enough to get a lot of sprouts. Feedback from customers also confirms this is the best sprouter on the market!

See below our list of Tray Sprouters, Jar Sprouters, Automatic Sprouters and Sprouting Sacks.

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Easy Sprout Sprouter - Kit
Price: $13.45
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Item #: WGK-ES1 -

EasySprout Seed Sprouter Grow up to a pound of tasty sprouts in 2 to 4 days with convenient no rinse sprouting! A perfect small quantity sprouter Inexpensive Grows up to 1 pound of sprouts at a time Helps speed growth of sprouts Dishwasher safe Easy to use Minimal attention sprouting BPA Free Made from HPDE (2) plastic Kosher 30 day love it or return it guarantee A great choice as a travel sprouter Refrigerator safe The unique quart size dual container system uses heat from sprouts to...

Easygreen Seed and Microgreen Sprouter Easygreen Sprouter, Sprouter, Sprout, Sprouting
Price: $229.00
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Item #: WGK-EG -

EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter - Complete Sprouting System Free Ground Shipping The EasyGreen sprouting system is an automated system for growing larger volumes of sprouts without the need for regular rinsing and tending your crops.  The Easy Green Sprouter is automatic.  It also can be used for growing microgreens and wheatgrass. The EasyGreen sprouting machine was developed out of the growing demand for organic sprouts. The EasyGreen’s unique technology empowers the individual to...

Freshlife Seed Sprouter by Tribest Freshlife Sprouter, Sprouter, Sprouting Machine, fresh life
Price: $159.95
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Item #: WGK-FLS -

Tribest Freshlife Seed Sprouter - Model FL-3000 Easy and healthy sprouting! The Freshlife Sprouter is automatic, easy to use, and costs only pennies a day to run. It delivers a continuous supply of fresh water and air to provide a simple, convenient way to grow fresh, tender and natural live sprouts in the convenience of your own home. When you use organic seeds, you will especially enjoy fresh sprouts free from chemicals or pesticides. Enjoy wheatgrass, but it's just a hassle to grow or...

Victorio Stackable Tray Sprouter
Price: $19.49
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Item #: WKG-KCS -

Kitchen Crop Sprouter by Victorio Four Tray variable quantity stackable sprouting system Four round growing trays 6 inch diameter trays Durable & flexible Dishwasher safe Easy cleanup The Kitchen Crop Seed Sprouter is the perfect kitchen crop sprouter that allows you to grow sprouts free of harmful chemicals and additives within 2-5 days on your very own kitchen counter top. The Kitchen Crop Sprouter is the easy way to produce fresh, high-quality sprouts in your own kitchen. In just 2-5 days...

Sprout Garden 3 Tray Stackable Sprouter
Price: $26.99
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Item #: WGK-SG.52 -

The Sprout Garden - 3 Tray Stackable Sprouter The Sprout Garden tray sprouting system is hands down our favorite sprouter. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and takes up very little counter space in your kitchen. There are not small peices to lose, no moving parts and it stacks higher and higher if you buy multiple sprouters. It will allow you to grow anything from small quantities up to large family volumes. Many other sprouting options simply will not handle the volume demands that this...

Jar Lid for Seed Sprouting
Price: $4.89
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Item #: WGK-SL-5 -

Sprouting Jar Lid - Plastic Strainer Lid for Jar Method Sprouts Durable Plastic BPA Free Made in the USA Won't rust or tarnish like wire-mesh sprout lids Fits most wide mouth mason jars This sprouting lid is made of a durable food-grade plastic with mesh holes in the lid big enough to drain well but small enough to hold in tiny seeds such as alfalfa! Order more than one jar lid and rotate your crops every 3-4 days to make sure that you always have a steady supply of your favorite sprouts....

Sprout Sack Bag Sprouter
Price: $19.99
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Item #: WGK-HP-FB -

The Sprout Sack - Bag Sprouting Kit from Handy Pantry Sprout Sack sprouting bags are great for easy sprouting of beans, grains and larger sprout seeds. Not a great choice for smaller seeds like alfalfa, as roots tend to grow through the material, but not a problem for the larger seeds. Simply dip bag in water to rinse, then hang to grow! These bags are great for sprouting while traveling. Hiking, camping and they are especially popular for RVs. Certified Organic Re-usable sprout bag Resealable...

Sprouting Chart- Informational Sprout Chart Dial Sprouting Chart, sprout information, sprouting instructions
Price: $5.70
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Item #: WGK-HP-CHRTP -

Sprouting Reference: Sprout Chart Dial "What a Fun & Educational Chart!" - says Healthy & Natural Magazine Designed by Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman, author of "Sprouts the Miracle Food" Chart Includes: 7" x 9" hanging chart/wheel with 37 full color photos Complete sprouting instructions Flavor, growing method, usage, seed amounts, days to maturity, light, skill level Types of sprouters Recipes such as "Sprout Bread" Where to get more information - FREE! Everything You Need to Know About...

Half Gallon Sprouting Jar with Seed
Price: $17.69
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Item #: WGK-HPSG -

Half Gallon Sprouting Jar Large jar to grow sprouts using the jar method. Includes a sprouting jar strainer lid, instructions printed on the label, and 8 Oz. of organic protein powerhouse sprouting seed in a resealable bag. Water-Proof Label Larger size great for families Made in the USA BPA Free! Certified Oraganic Handy Pantry 1/2 Gallon Sprout Jar Kit Includes: 1/2 Gallon Sprout Jar w/ Strainer Lid Sprout Jar Sprouting Instructions on label 8 Oz. pack of Organic Protein Powerhouse Sprouting...

Sprouting Jar - Quart Size with Seed
Price: $12.49
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Item #: WGK-HPSG-B -

Quart Sprouting Jar by Handy Pantry This quart sprouting jar includes a sturdy sprouting jar strainer lid and 2 Oz. of organic alfalfa seeds to get you started. Instructions are printed on the water-proof label. It's everything you need to learn and grow sprouts using the jar method. Use multiple jars to run multiple crops, or to have fresh sprouts maturing all the time. Made in the USA BPA Free Seed provided is Certified Organic Easy & Fun Handy Pantry Quart Sprouting Jar Includes: Handy...

Sproutman Hemp Sprouting Bag sprout sack kit, sprout sacks##ENDIF##
Price: $13.49
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Item #: WGK-SB-HMPP -

HEMP SPROUTING BAG BY SPROUTMAN - SACK SPROUTER The sprout bag by the SproutMan is great for easy sprouting of beans, grains and large seeds. Small sprouts tend to grow through the material. Simply dip in water to rinse, then hang to start growing! Sprout bags are a great option for travel, RV, hiking, backpacking and more. By sprouting in a sack you have the following benefits: Your sprouts are portable. The sack is versatile: store vegetables, makes nut milk. Ideal for traveling, camping,...

Terra Cotta Clay Sprouter by Bavicchi
Price: $58.99
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Item #: WGK-S-TCNP -

Terra Cotta Natural Sprouter by Geo - Clay Sprouting Trays Geo Home Terra Cotta Terradisiena Natural Sprouter from Bavicchi. These lead free, all clay sprouter trays are an all natural alternative to common plastic sprouters. Made in Italy by tuscan craftsmen, these stackable trays have an innovative night/day design that allows either open for light and air to each level, or closed to create a dark, damp environment. Features include: Made from all natural terra cotta clay Light and Dark...