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    The Soil Machine Pro from Good Ideas. The 7 cubic food capacity gives plenty of capacity to create your own soil and fertilizer in your back yard. Safe for Pets and Children. Perfect for locations with limited yard space. 1 year warranty.   Free Ground Shipping!


    Good Ideas Composter - Soil Machine Pro

    • Capacity - 7 cubic foot (50 gallon)
    • 5 gallon capacity base collects compost tea
    • Ships Fully Assembled (minus screwing in included spigot to the base)
    • Low maintenance
    • Wheeled Base
    • 12" large twist-on lid
    • Safe for children and pets
    • Virtually animal-proof
    • Heat absorbing black color
    • 29" x 22" x 25" 
    • 28 lbs
    • 1 Year Warranty

    Good Ideas' Soil Machine PRO.  This extremely durable tumbler has 7 cubic feet of composting capacity with an extra 5 gallons of space in the base for harvesting compost tea.  Made from 100% recycled Polyethylene resin, this tubler is both strong and rugged, yet completely safe for pets and children.  Includes a 12 inch twist on lid that keeps heat and compost in, while keeping pets and people out.  

    This composting tumbler ships fully assembled.  All you need to do is wrap the included Teflon tape around the included brass spigot, and screw it in to the base unit.  This allows you to collect the liquid compost tea either by using a hose attachment, or just by tipping the base on its side.

    Composting benefits include:

    • Recycle kitchen and yard waste
    • Reduce waste that goes into landfills
    • Helps control release of greenhouse gases (primarily methane)
    • Use compost to control weeds and stop errosion
    • Balances pH levels in soil
    • Compost provides a substantial amount of nutrients to plants
    Also available is the dual compartment composter from Good Ideas Here.