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Tribest's new SoloStar slow masticating juicer with manual juicer conversion kit. The SoloStar IIIC has a low speed 80 RPM motor to keep friction & heat minimal to keep vital nutrients & enzymes intact. Black Color. Available with wheatgrass kit option. Free Ground Shipping.


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Tribest SoloStar 3C - Multipurpose Juicer

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The SoloStar 3, single auger juicer from Tribest. This juicer's housing is 100% BPA-Free and a virtually BPA-Free Ultem Auger. The 80 RPM motor creates less heat and oxidation, allowing greater preservation of living enzymes for a more healthy juice. Note: The SoloStar 3 juicer replaces the SoloStar2 juicer, which is no longer offered.

Includes both a course and fine screen, allowing this juicer to grind, chop, and mince. Create nut butters, pate, sorbet, and more at home with ease. This juicer is perfect for those looking for a multipurpose juicer that creates a dryer pulp, and a more nutrient rich juice.


  • Includes Manual Conversion Kit
  • Convenience of a 2 in 1 Juicer - Manual & Electric
  • New Modern Black Color
  • Single Auger Design
  • Juices, minces, mills, homogenizes, nut butters and pasta maker
  • Versatility from green leafy to carrots
  • Maximum yield of juice
  • Virtually no heat is produced
  • Includes both Course & Fine Screens
  • BPA Free Housing
  • 80 RPM Motor
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • Multi-purpose wheatgrass, fruit, and vegetable juicer
Available with the Organic Wheatgrass Kit