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Wheatgrasskits.com offers organic sprouting kits, sprouters, seeds, growing supplies, sprouting accessories and sprouting books and information for growing sprouts at home. Look below at featured categories of completely organic sprouting supplies, accessories and equipment. We offer 100% certified organic and pathogen free sprouting seeds. After many tests we havecome up with this list of great sprouting supplies for the best and easiest sprouting experience:

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Sprouting Seeds
16 oz Golden Flax

Price: $6.19-$138.00

16 oz - 3 Part Salad Sprouting - Mix

Price: $4.69-$371.55

16 oz - 5 Part Salad Sprouting Mix

Price: $4.69-$371.55

16 oz - Alfalfa Seed

Price: $4.69-$371.55

Organic Amaranth Grain - Close Up

Price: $8.19-$178.70

16 oz - Organic Bean Salad Mix

Price: $4.19-$165.85

16 oz - Organic Black Turtle Beans

Price: $8.19-$178.70

Beans: Red Small - Organic organic red chili bean seed, red chili bean sprouting seeds, dried red beans

Price: $8.19-$178.70

16 oz - Organic Bird Seed Mix

Price: $10.19-$191.55

8 oz - Organic Broccoli Sprouting Seed

Price: $9.79-$618.75

Buckwheat Groats (Hulled): Organic hulled buckwheat, buck wheat, buckwheat groats, organic

Price: $7.19-$167.24