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    Great starter kit for those who prefer growing sprouts using the jar method. Three quart jars with sprout strainer lids, sprout booklet and a great 2.5 lb selection of sprouting seeds and and sprout salad mixes.Certified Organic.


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    Three Jar Sprouting Kit - Jar Sprouters & Seeds

    These 3 Jar Sprouting Kits from Handy Pantry are a perfect inexpensive way to get started with home sprouting. Not only do these jar sprouting kits offer a wide selection of sproutings seeds but also includes literature, jars, and lids.

    The perfect kit for those looking to get started with sprouters and wanting to try as many different kinds for sprouts as possible. When you purchase one of these kits you not only get 3 One-Quart Sprout Jars with strainer lids but you will also receive ten different sprouting seeds to try in 4oz. resealable bags.

    The Three Jar Sprouting Kit Includes:

    • Three 1 quart sprout jars
    • Three plastic sprouting jar strainer lids
    • Sprouting booklet
    • 2.5 Lbs of Certified Organic Sprout Seeds - 4 oz. each - resealable bags
      • Alfalfa
      • Bean Salad Mix (Adzuki, Lentil, Mung and Radish)
      • 3 Part Salad Mix (Alfalfa, Radish, Broccoli)
      • 5 Part Salad Mix (Alfalfa, Radish, Broccoli, Mung and Lentil)
      • Mung Bean
      • Green Lentil
      • Clover
      • Buckwheat
      • Broccoli
      • Radish

    What happens when a seed sprouts?

    • Stored food & enzymes needed for growth of the mature plant are mobilized.
    • Protein, carbohydrate & fat is broken down (pre-digested) to free amino acids, simple sugars & soluble compounds.
    • Vitamins, including A, B-complex (B-12), C, E & K, increase to meet the growth needs of a young plant. (For example, B-complex in wheat increases 600 percent, vitamin E triples & vitamin C increases six-fold. Vitamin C in a 100 gram serving of peas goes from 0 to 69 mg. in 48 hours!)
    • Essential minerals - calcium, magnesium, iron & zinc are supplied in organic form, "chelated" for better assimilation.
    • Nutrient-density is enhanced at the expense of calories!

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